• Unless you have hard evidence or facts, you're treading in the area of unsubstantiated myth.

    http://www.post-trib.com/news/elections/ lake/934357,LAKERACES0506.article

    11 p.m. Crown Point: Lake County Republican Chairman John Curley stood by his Democratic counterpart Rudy Clay as the nation waited for vote totals from Lake County. "There's no hanky panky going on," Curley said after members of the national media wondered why Lake County's votes were taking so much longer to count than the rest of the state. "We have more than 11,000 absentee ballots, far more than we've ever had before," Curley said, insisting it simply takes time to get through that many tallies.

    So, until you provide evidence, I would hope you would not continue such irresponsible rumormongering.

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    And yet it's your candidate shilling to Republicans with her bullshit gas tax holiday(which will cost us $10 billion in funds for our highways, thousands of jobs and likely result in gas prices remaining exactly where they are so that the oil companies can pocket the difference).

    And it was your candidate pretending to be something she's not - a gun enthusiast - in another shameless appeal to the right.

    And it was your beloved President Clinton who so championed liberal values when he threw the LGBT community under the bus repeatedly, particularly when he signed the Defense of Marriage Act, using the LGBT community, that was very loyal to him, as wedge to increase his appeal to bigots.

    And, of course, NAFTA, which sold out the American worker.  We know Hillary supported it then and is lying about it now.  Of course, her top man, that moron Mark Penn, was actively working for another trade deal that would screw over the American worker.

    And she was apparently too stupid to see what was really going to happen when she voted to authorize the Iraq war.

    Then her warmongering on Iran - man, that's so fucking liberal of her.  Liberals are always talking about how they can obliterate other countries with nuclear weapons.

    Supporting an anti-Flag burning amendment - just Hillary standing up for those liberal values of hers, not shameless pandering.

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    Who the fuck is he other than an also-ran that lost a Senate race in 06 and a DLC hack?

    A loser doesn't carry much weight in the advice he gives.

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    How dare you bemoan the depths to which this campaign has sunk.

    Have you no shame?  Have you no decency?  Have you no accounting of your own words and sorry, shameless attacks, much like that equally tacky and dishonest hack, SusanHu?

    How dare you lament the lack of civility of this campaign when ratshit attack diaries from you, everyday, have helped bring the dialogue down in to the gutter.

    Wasn't it your ilk that told us Obama needed to be vetted and then engaged in some of the most viscious and slanderous attacks, the very same kind of attacks the Clintons whined about from Republicans for years?

    And in complaing about people making an issue of Eight Belles' death, you do the same fucking thing - you're trying to make an issue out of them making an issue out it.

    Spare us your feigned outrage and the indignity of your self-righteousness.  You're no more credible that the pseudo-astrologist who runs this site.

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    Because I think if the Clinton camp is going to continue to do what the rightwing did to them for so many year, it's only fair we bring up some of the garbage from their past.

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    They might have their differences, but both are bad ideas.

    Shame on Clinton for such piddling meaninglessness and pandering.

    And how dare she threaten the Dems in Congress to show where they stand on such bullshit proposals...who the hell does she think she is?

    And why would she put Dems in this position?

    That's leadership?

    Fuck that.

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    Yeah, she took on Bill O'Reilly...m'kay.

    Boy, that means a lot when her campaign has called Fox the most fair and balanced coverage of the campaign.

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    Get a fucking clue...she doesn't count on having anyone's vote?

    That's why she spent all of last year talking about how inevitable it was, how it would be over on Feb. 5th...and then when she actually had to compete for votes...

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    on polls taken now.

    Ickes is a hack.

    Ask President Dukakis how is 10 pt. lead in May '88 held up against Bush I.

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    Jesus christ...I could not live my life spitting out so much negativity and venom as you do, everyday, with these endless diaries.

    Every opportunity you get, you take.  You've so filled yourself with righteous indignation and infallibity it's hard to believe your an actual person, and not some fly-by-night, second rate political hack.

    Honestly, what's you're point? That Hillary's negative campaign has led to Barack going negative?

    You want to say he can't stand up to it, but when he hits back, you complain?  

    So you're only point is to let people know that both Hillary and Barack are going pretty negative at each other right now?

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    You're a sensationalist, Alegre.

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    Get a friggin' grip.

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    Give me a break...

    In December, she was saying the race would be over on Feb. 5th.

    And then when it wasn't, when she actually had to compete, when she was in the first competitive election she's ever been in as a candidate, she decided to go back on what she had agreed to and started pimping to seat MI and FL.

    She didn't care about MI and FL until it became clear she would have to compete in all of the states after Feb. 5th.

    Hillary Clinton only stood up for MI and FL only when she needed them, not because she gives two shits about voters.

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    I thought these primaries and caucuses were about allotting delegates, not electoral votes.

    Of course, there is no real connection that can be made between primary wins and what will happen in the general election.  I mean, you can't take closed Dem primaries and then project from that.

    Say what you will about Obama supporters living in a "bubble" but I have yet to hear a Clinton supporter explain how they will overcome the perception by MOST Americans that Hillary is untrustworthy.

    That is a very big bubble the Clinton camp is living in.

    And they apparently don't think it will be a problem - so what if people think she's a liar?

    But these "prognostications" of Jerome's - reads a bit like the horoscope.


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