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    in the first place then?

    Why did she intially support it?

    Why was she predicting she'd win on Super Tuesday and then when she didn't, changed her tune dramatically on MI and FL?

    Why do we have one Clinton advisor after another on record saying that the delegate number needed is 2025 and then when they just can't accept that they lost, it suddenly becomes 2209?

    Why do we have Clinton advisors on record saying that it's the delegates the matter, but are saying something else since it became apparent they couldn't win the pledged delegate count?

    Why is it not ok to alienate the 47% of Democrats who support Hillary but ok to alienate the 49% of Democrats who support Obama?

    When did a lead become not a lead?

    How does a candidate running a losing campaign become more viable than the winner?

    Why was it ok in 2004 for Terry McAuliffe to tell Carl Levin that he would strip MI of all its delegates if that state moved up its primary but it's not ok for Howard Dean to uphold the rules of the DNC in 2008?

    When did it become expected that the rest of the party would kow-tow before the Clintons and their supporters?

    Why is it expected now that we should capitulate to the disingenuousness and bullying of a second-rate candidate blinded by her own arrogance?

    Why is it that Clinton supporters can't acknowledge the shortsightedness of their candidate's campaign...since day one?

    Who's behaving like the juvenile hero-worshippers again?

    Isn't the real problem that Hillary and her supporters not only expected but felt she deserved the nomination since she entered the race?

    Wouldn't it have been better to compete in the caucus and small states after 2/5, instead of belittling those Democratic voters, who very well might, despite living in red states, make the difference in a House or Senate race?

    Why is it okay to not include four states in Hillary's popular vote count?

    Since when is running your campaign into the financial ditch a sign of good administrative skills?

    When did Kentucky become a swing state?

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    for not planning for after Super Tuesday.

    BTW It was Clinton supporters on at DNC who helped push to strip MI & FL of their delegates last Fall.  In December, Hillary said it would be over on Super Tuesday.

    And then it wasn't...and then she suddenly needed MI & FL...and now she can't accept that she lost.

    At some point, I hope the Clinton camp stops acting like a bunch of spoiled, petulant little brats who think they deserve whatever they set their eyes on...

    You lost.  Deal with it.  You lost because you were beaten.

    What could HRC have done?

    Run a better campaign.

  • if Obama should happen to win there.

    "Oh, it doesn't count because they don't have any electoral votes.  But had Hillary had won, well, then of course it counts because it proves she's stronger with hardworking Americans - you know, the white ones."/snark

  • No chance she gets...

    And what would be an unfair allocation?  Anything that doesn't favor Hillary?  It astounds me that Clinton supporters fail to see how unreasonable it is to seat to bullshit elections that everyone, even HRC, knew weren't going to count for shit...

    It's so disingenuous...she cares about MI and FL because her December prediction of wrapping up the nom on 2/5 didn't pan out.  She ran an arrogant campaign that assumed she had it in the bag from the beginning...because of that arrogance, she didn't even plan to compete after 2/5 and put almost no resources into any of those states...and yet we have to hear her bs about counting all the votes and all the states...except those 4 caucus states that excluding gives her a pop. vote edge or seating the garbage elections in FL & MI as they stand...and of course states that Obama was expected to win, states that have large African-American populations, states that Dems won't carry in November(Hey, WV and KY!)...

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    I'm just curious because an intelligent person would push the dumbass b.s. you are...

    Your first point...wtf is that even supposed to mean?  What bearing does that have on the race?  Yes, she has more votes if we include the Soviet-style election that was MI...

    Your second point...when did Obama declare victory?  He said he's close to securing the nomination, as in 63 delegates close, which is a lot closer than HRC's 246.

    YOur third point...completely disingenuous...Obama does well against McCain in OH and PA, he does better than HRC in MI...and he runs ahead of McCain just as consistently as she does...btw projecting primary/caucus results into the general election is the province of morons...

    Your fourth point...again...you CANNOT project what happens in the primaries to the general election...it almost NEVER holds up...but good luck!

    Your fifth point...fuck off with this civil rights/disenfranchisment crap...political parties are allowed to run their nominationg contests as they see fit...these are not government elections!  No one is being disenfranchised...but she didn't pick-up the FL/MI crap until her prediction of sweeping the nomination on 2/5 didn't pan out...and then she didn't compete in any of the small states after that...and then she needed two states that she agreed last fall were not going to have meaningful elections...

    Spare us the righteousness of the "We must seat MI and FL."  First, I'd wager most Democrats don't give a shit if their state has a delegation becauase like most voters, most Democrats probably really don't give a shit about what happens at a convention.  Second, why is it okay to discount FOUR states in HRC's popular vote calcuation?  It's wrong to have a nominee chosen by 48 states but it's okay to have one chosen by 46?

    And why should they be seated the way Hillary wants?  I don't think that's how you negotiate a resoultion.

    Do you see how fucking stupid this sounds to sensible, reasonable people?

    The fact is that Clinton supporters such as yourself are completely disingenuous in promoting the FL/MI & "popular vote" arguments.

    And why is it ok to threaten Dems with the "If you don't give her the nomination, the 46% who voted for her won't support Obama," but Clinton supporters don't even think or show any concern for alienating the fucking 50+% that have voted for him?

    I think over these last few weeks folks have showed incredible restraint in dealing with the flat-out stupidity and lunacy the Clinton camp and its supporters are proffering...I don't think we owe any of you that courtesy at this point.

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    Could we stop blaming Obama for this already?

    Jesus fucking christ...

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    that's exactly what you're doing with this "line." (It seems unfair to even remotely refer to this as a diary)

    Ironic, isn't though, how the Clinton camp is now holding out for HOPE?

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    But it's obvious Bush referenced it precisely to take a dig.

    And it's NOT just a dig at BO - it's a dig at ALL Democrats.

    What other reason was there for him to reference it?  He could have talked about the Nazi's and the persecution of Jews w/o brining up what an American SENATOR had said in 1939.

    It was no accident.  And it was a clear attempt to paint Democrats as cowards who won't defend the country and will let the "next" Hitler rise.

    Even HRC stood up against that.

  • First, wtf are you even talking electoral votes right now for?

    You CANNOT project primary/caucus results on the general election.  It's just another pointless metric that has no bearing on this race, which comes down to one thing - DELEGATES, DELEGATES, DELEGATES.  Even that twit Mark Penn understood that at one point.

    And if I might make a related point, since these elections are about winning delegates, I'm afraid that HRC did not win either TX or NV.  Sorry.

    You cut down Obama's victory in red states(wtf is Kentucky?) but you fail to realize that increased turnout in those states very well could make the difference in a number of congressional and Senate races.  I think Hillary gets that; I think her supporters only want to see Hillary elected president and couldn't care less about other Democrats(how many have they thrown under the bus now - Richardson, Edwards, NARAL, Culinary workers in NV - will the Steelworkers be next?).

    I don't follow your point on superdelegates at all.  Do you have some knowledge that we don't?

    Yes, there are superdelegates who haven't endorsed.  But there are also a few superdelegates that have switched their supporter from Clinton to Obama.  You're not really making a point but HOPING that the majority of the remaining superdelegates will endorse HRC, despite the trend that has existed since February.  See, we can actually make projections from trends and Obama has been picking delegates up at a much higher rate than Clinton for a few months now.  Since IN/NC that rate has increased quite a bit, to the point that he's averaging about 5 per day.  Of course, Obama doesn't need a even a majority of the remaining superdelegates, so your statement belies the reality each candidate faces in this regard.

    The popular vote argument has become a pretty bogus moral claim to the nomination.  In their quest to make sure all the votes are counted, the Clinton camp is willing to exclude the votes of some 800,000 voters(per Chris Bowers) from caucus states and those that voted in MI but didn't vote for HRC.  And considering that the campaign once agreed to play by the same rules as all the other candidates, it's pretty evident now that this is a fiegned display of indignation and righteousness put on for political gain.

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    Let's not equate racism against African-Americans with racism against caucasians.

    Yeah, it goes both ways.  But, and I don't know if you've ever noticed this, one group was enslaved for the other by about 400 years, so your argument doesn't carry too much moral weight with it.

    It's lamentable that "whites" are sometimes referred to as hillbillies, rednecks and crackers.
    But I suppose I'll be concerned when they start lynching white people or making us use separate restrooms.

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    Any time someone or some entity endorses Obama instead of Clinton, that person or entity is immediately questioned as having succumbed to the most unforgivable moral capitulation.

    Today, it was John Edwards and NARAL.

    There must be something wrong with them.

    Bill Richardson?  He's a Judas, a sell-out.

    McGovern?  '72 was ALL his fault and Obama's appeal is only to the same dumb eggheads and minorities that voted for McGovern.

    Culinary Workers?  Let's push a lawsuit to undermine their access to polling stations because it favors them too much and that doesn't help Clinton.

    There's definitely a distinct pattern here.

    Either all of these people and organizations have truly lost it, or some people are just upset and lashing out.

    What seems more likely?

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    What is the need to go where you have?

    What do you get from attacking Edwards?

    I understand that you hoped he would endorse HRC, but he didn't.  Deal with it...w/o attacking him.

    I mean, maybe the problem's w/ you and not John Edwards.

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    What's she down now - 165-170 pledged delegates?

    Boy, that 9 delegate advantage out of WV sure is impressive.

    How many supers did Obama get since last week - something like 22-24?

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    that Clinton is perfect.

    I'll take the candidate that exhibits a little humility every now and then.

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    How do you know how his grandmother felt about it?


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