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    Try to come to grips with it when it happens.

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    My question is...

    Is it pronk?

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    And I don't recall the Supreme Court stepping in to unfairly award FL's delegates to the candidate that didn't win the states popular vote.

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    2004 Terry McAuliffe - told Carl Levin that if MI moved up it's primary, the DNC would have no choice but to strip them of all their delegates

    What part about losing their delegates did the Democratic party officials in MI and FL not get when they were told that is exactly what would happen if they moved up their primaries?

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    Some people seem to have a hard time understanding that...

  • is that some people have no shame, that they will parse which concentraion/death camps were worse.

    Absolutely disgusting, vile, shameless, morally bankrupt...

    Is this on the rec list?

    He misspoke...so who wants to really say that Ohrdruf, a satellite of Buchenwald, was "better" than Auschwitz?  Anyone want to go there, because some of the people in this thread are getting pretty close to crossing a very serious line...

    The Holocaust IS NOT a political football to be kicked the fuck around.

    Twelve million people were murdered, 6 million of them Jewish.

    This is not an issue that you make political hay out of in any way.  Do people not fucking get that?

    The fact that someone, a so-called Democrat, would write this filth makes me want to vomit.

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    You want to make an issue out of the fact that he said the wrong name of one of the Nazi concentration camps?

    His great uncle was a member of the 89th Infantry Division that liberated Ohrdruf, a satellite camp of Buchenwald.

    My grandmother witnessed firsthand the horros of the Nazi death camps as a nurse in the 107th Evac Unit.  I still have her pictures from Buchenwald, of the dead in prison strips, tossed in a ditch, the blood stained clothes clearly indicated that most of them were shot in the back by the Nazi fucks who tortured, murdered, raped and violated them in every way imaginable.

    So let me say this very plainly to you - Go to hell if you're going to make a political play on this matter.

    Somewhere up-thread someone makes the implication that Obama is trying to make his great uncle's service sound better by referencing the "biggest" of the camps.  Really?  You want to argue that some were "better" because they were smaller?

    Anyone that attacks Obama for this can go to fucking hell.  You wanna play political football with the Holocaust, with the Nazi death camps - then you have no place in an political debate.

    You know what?  That's fucking disgusting.

  • It matters far less than you think.

    Most people just don't care about this.

  • Political parties are responsible for setting the rules governing their nominating contests.

    It's simply not a voting rights issue.  We're voting as members of a political organization, not as citizens of a country(that would be the general election).

    And since no one was prevented from voting in those contests, it's difficult to see how anyone's rights were infringed.

    But it is perfectly within the power of the DNC to strip states of their delegates for violating the rules agreed to.

  • Jesus christ...where was all this outrage from the Clinton camp when they were agreeing to the rules of the campaign?

  • The folks in FL and MI who moved up their primaries despite the repeated warnings of the DNC are the people who are to blame.

    Let's try blaming the people who violated the rules, not the people at the DNC who were only upholding the rules that everyone agreed to(even Clinton).

    And actually I doubt very much that it matters to most Democrats or most Americans living in MI and FL whether or not those two states are sat or if there's even a convention at all.  You mistakenly assume that people follow this as closely as all of us do or care as much.

    I don't have an empirical evidence, but I'd place a large wager that most people simply don't care about this issue or that it will affect much in the general election.

  • Are you referring to IA, NH, SC and NV? (that's four but I assume the 3 you mean are in there)

    Those states had the permission of the DNC to move up their primaries/caucuses.  IA and NH have it set so that they go first.  And NV and SC were added to create more diverse regional representation in the early contests.

    So, what three states are you talking about exactly?

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    told Sen. Levin that if he moved up MI's primary, the DNC would have no choice but to strip them of ALL their delegates.

    They were for it before they were against it...

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    You're analysis is breathtaking for it's lack of objectivity.


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