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    So, Washington, Illinois and Virginia are important states?

    Or Wisconsin and Colorado?

    Aren't those swing states?

    And what about the drubbing Clinton took in February?  Or those states don't count because she didn't win them?

    Of course, TPM says that she does not have a popular vote lead even with MI and FL.

    And what about that Clinton claim that it was always about delegates?

    And Obama has run a losing campaign?  Excuse me?

    If you want you're Mondale, you can have her.  And Democrats and Independents like me will make sure she isn't President come November.

    No.  No, help from me.

    Sorry.  If you wanted our help, maybe your candidate's campaign should have chosen different tactics, unless your a fan of racebaiting, making subtle appeals to racism, doctoring photos to make people look more black...

    Convince me why I should support a campaign that doesn't have a problem with making race an issue.

    No, if she's the nominee, there's some serious payback coming.  I don't care if we get President McCain or not.

    I mean, what's the difference?  We all know that Hillary isn't going to end the war; we all know that's why she's taken the Lieberman position("Nobody wants to end the war more than me."

    What goes around, comes around.  

    You reap what you so.

    Too bad for the Cult of Hillary and all her psychophantic hero-worshippers.

  • So, have you bothered to post the CBC story exonerating Obama over the smear campaign about NAFTA?

    Is the game of Clinton supporters that their candidate gets the nomination or Democrats get a nominee so damaged by Clinton attacks that they can't possibly win in November?

    And when are you going to publish a Rezko diary that actually has proof of wrongdoing and not unsubstantiated claims and accusations pulled out of thin air?

    I suppose I shouldn't expect too much when we've started basing smears on what the conservative Prime Minister of Canada's Chief of Staff says.

    Maybe you should look into who Stephen Harper is associated with, like certain elements of the Religious Right.

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  • just who the sorry hero-worshippers really are.

  • Well, yes, but that doesn't change the fact that most of our Presidents didn't have that much experience.

    FDR had a very brief stint as a state senator from NY, one term as governor of NY, assistant secretary of the Navy during WWI and a failed Vice Presidential bid before becoming President.

    Eisenhower had no experience in public office.

    JFK had 14 years of public service before becoming President;  Obama has 12 years(8 as a state senator, 4 as a US Senator)

    LBJ was one of our most experienced Presidents; so was George H.W. Bush.  Nixon was very experienced.

    Reagan had two terms as governor of CA.

    Jimmy Carter was a state senator for about 4 years and had 1 term as governor.

    Simply because a person has experience, that is no indication of what kind of President they would be.  It's a pretty negative correlation.

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    What?  You're hitting him on Farrakhan?  Because rejecting and denouncing just aren't good enough for you?

    What a b.s. attack.

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    You're naive or just ignorant.

    First, nice that Hillary borrowed this ad from both McCain and Mondale's '84 campaign.  Of course, the plagiarism issue died out once it was apparent the Clinton campaign was once again engaging in shameless hypocrisy.

    Second, you'd have to be a daft twit not to realized the subtext of her "red phone" ad was a shot at Obama.  Holy Christ!  Her entire campaign has centered around why she has the experience(a myth) and he doesn't.

    And this is actually a pretty weak attack by Clinton, which is probably why the experience argument has never produced much for her.

    But this is nothing new.  The Clinton campaign has been reduced to launching one smear attack after another and proferring the same argument and strategy that has brought them to this point in the campaign.  Frankly, that doesn't encourage me for their strategy for the fall campaign.

    Honestly, do you think she can "out" experience John McCain?

    But I'll ask you the same question that was recently put to Wolfson and Penn - name one national security moment that Hillary has handled.  Just one.

    We have two on record - the AMF vote and the Iran vote.  Not her best moments.

    So, where's all this experience?  She actually has less experience as a legislator and it's rather difficult to quantify her time as First Lady, namely since her main legislative endeavor met an ignominious end, partly because of rightwing attacks, but also at the hands of her own party, that was more than a little discouraged by the extreme secrecy with which she tried to enact her reforms.  After all, it did take a court order to open up her Health Care Task Force to the general public.  Sounds a little like someone else's task force.

  • Except this isn't tripping him up at all.  There's almost no media coverage on this issue, so, I suppose for those who like talking to themselves in the echochamber, maybe this is an issue?

    Of course, learning that the CTV news source was PM Stephen Harper's Chief of Staff, I'm a little reluctant to believe his account.  After all, Harper did get to power with the help of rightwing American religious groups, who've had a hand in helping him organize, promote himself, etc.

  • Stephen Harper's Chief of Staff?  Really?

    And I should trust him why exactly?


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