• what it's like to be black in America?  Do you have any appreciation for that?

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    There seem to be those who disagree about this matter:

    [But one of the key Irish negotiators last week called Clinton's description of her role in the process a "wee bit silly."

    "I don't know there was much she did apart from accompanying Bill (Clinton) going around," David Trimble told Belfast's Daily Telegraph.

    Trimble, the former leader of the Ulster Unionist Party, and John Hume, leader of the nationalist Social Democratic Labour Party, shared the 1998 Nobel Peace Prize for their roles in the peace process. "I don't want to rain on the thing for her, but being a cheerleader for something is slightly different from being a principal player," Trimble said.]

    http://www.mcclatchydc.com/homepage/stor y/30048.html

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    She's down like 700,000 votes.

    She's won 14 states to his 29.

    And trails in pledged delegates anywhere from 100-150, depending on whose count you go by.

    Of course, since the Clinton camp was caught in a rhetorical snafu and the calls for a joint-ticket repudiated their argument that Obama was not ready to become president, Hillary Clinton announced suddenly that talk of such a thing was premature.

    Your diary only carries weight if we accept that the Clinton's offer was genuine.  And with her quick dismissal of the idea today, there's reason to believe we shouldn't.

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    Latest SurveyUSA polling shows that both Clinton and Obama would carry Ohio against McCain.

    Of course, once McCain goes after Hillary's experience(since she made the oh-so-wise decision to cede the framing of the general election debate to him), Hillary won't have a chance.

    Her experience on foreign policy is bogus.  How much of a field day do you think the GOP will have with Hillary's "tea and crumpettes" trips around the world?

    Was the Clinton campaign so arrogant that they didn't think anyone would look into her claims about playing a pivotal role in N. Ireland and Bosnia?

    Of course, now we know the truth.  She didn't play a pivotal role.  Her involvement in N. Ireland has been described by others involved as "ancillary."

    And the borders she claimed to help open through negotiations were opened the day before her one-day trip there, where she sang with Sheryl Crow and Sinbad.

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    Would that be hypocrisy like Hillary's so-called foreign policy experience?

    You know, the lies about playing pivotal roles in N. Ireland and Bosnia?  The story about negotiating open borders in Kosovo for refugees when those borders were opened the day before her one day trip where she sung with Sheryl Crow and Sinbad?

    Would you mean that kind of hypocrisy?  Where people involved say that her role in N. Ireland was "ancillary" and Hillary makes it sound like she played a vital role in negotiating the peace?

    Well, I guess that's not so much hypocrisy as it is outright lies.

    Of course, I don't see the point to underming Obama.  I mean, the Clinton's are apparently willing to consider him as a VP(nevermind the fact that the person in second place has a lot of nerve to ask the person in first place that question).

    And if he's good enough to be Clinton's VP, I guess that means he's ready to become President.

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    My nephew goes to a private school and his family is by no means rich.

    Let's try to find a positive correlation, because just because a person goes to a private school doesn't mean there well-off.

  • Especially considering only 25% want a joint ticket.

    Of course, Clinton has painted herself into a corner on this matter.  On the one hand, she is arguing that Obama isn't qualified to be President.

    On the other hand, she's arguing that Obama could be her VP.  But most VP's are chosen because they are ready to step in and become President should the need arise.

    So, if Obama is qualified to fill that role, I guess he's also qualified to be President, in which case, he shouldn't give the Clinton's notion of a joint ticket another thought.

  • then how could he possibly be Clinton's VP?

    I mean, you want a VP whose ready to become President, right?

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    What's the excuse?

    Quit trying to belittle these "small" states.  Their votes matter, too.

    But I want to know why the Clinton campaign can't be competitive in an election where roughly 10,000 people voted.

    If she's going to compete for this thing, then compete.

    Frankly, it's kind of pathetic that they couldn't compete in Wyoming.

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    Wow...so now we can't use euphemisms?  WTF?

    This is a pathetic attempt at a smear.  And rather disheartening coming from a Clinton supporter.

    Stuff like this just hurts women.

  • It's ok for the Clinton campaign to do the Republicans' job, but when people start attacking Hillary, that's just not called for because it could hurt her efforts in November.

    Silly me...I forgot to apply the classic Clinton double standard.

  • Now that he's criticized Hillary and revealed that he is not a "true believer," the "faithful" have no choice but to turn on him.

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    Maybe that's what you get when you talk so kindly about John McCain.  Maybe that's what you deserve when you talk about McCain crossing the same mystical "threshhold" that you have.

    Turn on Keith because he says something you don't agree with?  Obviously...all heretics to the cult must be dealt with.

    And I thought Hillary was able to take this kind of stuff?  I mean, no big deal, right?

    She's vetted.  She's faced the worst.  So, why all the complaining from her supporters?

    People have questions.  People have concerns.  And for good reason - if there's one thing that follows the Clinton's around as much as their political opportunism, it's scandal.

    This isn't a secret too anyone.  And I certainly hope you don't think it's better for us to just keep quiet when we have concerns about what surprises we might find out about during the general election campaign.

    If she so vetted, then this shouldn't worry you.

    After all, she's got nothing to hide, right?

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    Yeah, except that even if she wins every remaining contest(which she most definitely won't), she'll still trail in pledged delegates.

    That's some comeback...

  • Just like her experience, the likelihood that she actually ends the war, that she'll govern like a Democrat and not a political opportunist.

    Unless by vetted you mean repeatedly and mindlessly saying, "I've been vetted."

    She says she has nothing to hide, but she won't release her tax returns?!?

    I hope she doesn't have anything to hide, because words have a tendency to come back and haunt you.


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