MoveOn.Org is comical...

Look...I don't want to come across as partisan here, but this is too much. criticising GALLUP????  Hello?  CNN?  One of the single most liberal news organizations on the planet going so far as to have two liberal news show hosts that actually WORK FOR THE KERRY CAMPAIGN?  They are using biased polling methods to favor the PRESIDENT?  What are they smoking?

You can't seriously believe that.  Gallup is right in line with many other pollsters.  Pew Research has Bush 8 points up as of yesterday (  CBS had them 8 points up as of the 22nd (of course, I just mentioned C-BS).  And then again, there are many other pollsters that show a much narrower Zogby.

Personally, I am a believer in Zogby and Rasmussen more than the others, which both show tighter races of between 2 and 5 points leads for Bush, but to actually criticise the polling organizations?  I think Kerry supporters are getting desperate.

I'm not looking for an argument, but I found this too comical to pass really have to see and understand that news like this is so obviously political and partisan.  Gallup has been doing their work for knows nothing about polling.  Who are they to criticise?

I don't know.  Maybe I'm rambling...but the point remains that more than one pollster is in line with Gallup.  We really need to stop overanalyzing things.


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