Hillary spent 36 million dollars?!?

Kevin Drum has noted that Hillary spent 36 million dollars, by far the most of anyone running for Senate in this cycle.   I didn't believe that; while I heard endlessly about Menendez and Kean, I heard nothing about her.  It seems to me the only way to amass numbers like that is with big media buys inexpensive markets.

But here's the FEC summary from the second week of October:

New York SEN Democratic Party Incumbent

Total Receipts: $37,853,894
Transfers From Authorized Committees: $58,467
Individual Contributions: $35,622,256
Non-Party (e.g. PACs) or Other Committees: $1,439,697
Contributions from Party Committees $8,925
Candidate Contribution: $0
Candidate Loans: $0
Other Loans: $0

Total Disbursements: $29,450,302
Transfers to Authorized Committees: $0
Individual Refunds: $726,040
Non-Party (e.g. PACs) or Other Refunds: $23,500
Candidate Loan Repayments: $0
Other Loan Repayments: $0

So it looks like she really did spend that much money.  Where did she spend it?  I can't find a detailed report on the FEC page.  Can someone tell me where this data can be found?

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Re: Hillary spent 36 million dollars?!?

I wrote a diary about her lavish spending a few weeks back.  Nice to know she spent more than any other Senate candidate to ensure her 67% victory.

Matt also wrote about how she didn't really have any coat tails.  Democrats did good in New York, but they did good in the whole north east.  Not to mention there were two extremely popular names on the top of the ticket.  She probably could have spent a quarter of what she did and we would have seen the same results in the state.  Of course Hillary might have only won by a 20% margin instead of 36%, which is obviously unacceptable.

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Re: Hillary spent 36 million dollars?!?
but failed to follow in the spirit of the USE IT OR LOSE IT CAMPAIGN which would have helped the DEMS take back more than just the ONE State Senate seat they won this year.

she simply did not seem to be a team player.

a comment i posted on KOS' story on NYS Dem failure:

How is it possible that only one seat was picked up and we must try again in two years to pick up the final four seats needed to take control of the New York State Senate. I still believe that with the 60%+ victories at the top of the Tickets (Spitzer 69%, Clinton 66% ) and the 15%+ victories by Cuomo 17%, even Hevesi 17%), the inability to pick up more than this one race (where Andrea Stewart-Cousins had probably won this race 2 yearsa ago but for some voter fraud that gave Spano an 18 vote win) is a the lone negative mark on an otherwise great night. Why wouldn't Eliot Spitzer, with a war chest in the millions, not join the spirit of the USE IT OR LOSE IT campaign and donate even $100,000 to 7 or 8 competitive races. Races where the total raised by either candidate rarely exceeded $100,000... Money Raised in NY State Senate Races
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