Bill Clinton Rescues Spinster in Distress

I was saddened reading Charlie Rose's interview of Bill Clinton.  The moment Rose turned to the election Clinton pounced on Obama like an intern.  And like his Oval office tryst, it wasn't pretty and made Clinton look old and foolish.  Its demeaning to the office of the presidency that Hillary sent her putative spouse out to prop up her sagging campaign.  He pleaded for Charlie to understand that Hillary was just misunderstood, hounded and distorted by the media, and facing off against an intelligent and handsome foe.  It was as if he had slipped back into fighting off Ken Starr and a host of other prosecutors.  Yet Clinton could not help but imagine himself young again with all his faculties, but it took all his energy to keep his hands from shaking (but he failed).

In the end, though, Charlie Rose wasn't buying it.  When Rose would ask about polls, Clinton would blame Iowans.  When Rose asked about message, Clinton congenitally stole the change message, offering Hillary as an agent of change despite her two decades in Washington.  In the end Clinton's own staff had heard enough bull and asked Charlie to end the interview.  For all our sakes, let's hope it will also be the last time we see Clinton on the campaign trail.

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Bimbo Eruptions '08

Former Mayor and U.N. Ambassador Andrew Young was holding court at a black media function recently, singing the praises of Bill and Hillary Clinton.  Young, a known anti-semite, is not sure blacks are ready to be truly free.  He and a handful of old-time negroes are beset by a plantation mentality.  They are not comfortable roving too far from the master's eye.  And because they are mentally tied to the land, they don't want other blacks to be free.  So if a black asserts his rights under the Constitution, these plantation negroes say "hey boy, you ain't white.  What you doin' actin' white?" And when the free black man or woman decides to leave the plantation, these mentally-deformed negroes say, "the master treats us good.  Why you want to be free?" When other negroes see this intelligent, independent free black declaring his personhood, others follow.  And what does the mentally-enslaved negro do?  He says, "You ain't black.  The master is blacker than you.  He visits his wenches so we knows he likes us."

Andrew Young made this very argument last week.  Always feeble mentally, Young asserted that Bill Clinton has "been with more black women than Barack" and was therefore just as black as Barack.  There are many things wrong with this statement, including that somehow white men having sex with black women is proof of solidarity.  (I guess all those slaves getting raped were wrong to think it was violence).  But the real problem is that Clinton probably has had sex with black women, as well as asians, hispanics, and even illegal aliens.  The New York Times hinted last year (if you call a front page story a hint) that Clinton was up to his old tricks.  But nothing more has been said.

My premise is that a bimbo eruption is coming thanks to Andrew Young.  If you are a black woman who has had sex with Clinton, wouldn't this be the best time to come forward and profit from the affair?  The Enquirer would pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for that story.  And if there is a chubby, bulbous-nosed mulatto as proof, there goes Hillary's campaign.  

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Rewriting History?

Tonight on "Hardball" Chris Matthews delved into the mind of Bill Clinton.  Clinton said yesterday that Hillary would have stopped the genocide in Rwanda.  Clinton has previously stated that he was against the Iraq war, even though he is on film supporting the war.  Matthews asked, "Why does he keep just making stuff up?" One of his guests asked whether Clinton was "just talking like a crazy person." Matthews all but called Bill Clinton a sociopathic liar.

Not long ago, Hillary Clinton was called a "congenital liar." Bob Kerry, former senator of Nebraska, once called Bill "an icredibly good liar." Of course, the entire country had to suffer through Clinton's impeachment for perjury.  

Chris Matthew's question is a relevant one.  Why does Bill Clinton lie about his record and Hillary's?  I suggest they are insecure sociopaths, which is why they have stayed together.  They view themselves as constantly at war with outsiders and lying is their automatic response to real or perceived attacks.  It is unhealthy to feel constantly under seige and it is perhaps why Bill Clinton has often engaged in destructive behavior and America has suffered for it.  I for one do not want to relive the Clintons at war with the world.

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