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    Obama may have played progressives many times for political advantage but equating him with Huntsman or Romney is a ridiculous stretch. 

    Also, a great continuation of the digs at Jon Huntsman from Utah Democrats, posted on Facebook by 19 yr Utah Dem veteran, Exec. Director Todd Taylor: The Jon Huntsman I Know.

    He screwed neighborhood schools out of $1 billion per year in the lowest funded state in the nation; he pushed a voucher system to take more funds away; the level of education attainment turned in the wrong direction for the foreseeable future; and still, the UEA liked it and endorsed him for it. He insisted he would serve his entire second term during the campaign, then immediately jumped ship for a shinier bauble. He took an ambassadorial job, and left before anything meaningful could be accomplished to pursue is personal ambition (the recurring story of his professional life). He changed the tax structure here to hurt low and middle-income families while rewarding his wealthy friends leaving the state with a structural deficit and leaving the tax reform work started by his predecessor unfinished. While most people found his noblesse oblige charming, it could be very condescending and cold. He was perhaps the most elitist Governor in Utah's history, but played to the crowd literally with his axe, cycle and taco fetish. An untold story how GOED really paid for its activities and what those activities were?

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    Journalism is fundamental to a functioning democracy. So as media organizations globally continue to broaden their presence online, we’re eager to play our part on the technology side—experimenting with new ways of presenting news online; providing tools like Google Maps and YouTube Direct to make websites more engaging for readers; and investing heavily in our digital platforms to enable publishers to generate more revenue.

    But while we’re mostly focused on working with news organizations to develop better products for users, we also believe it’s crucial to encourage innovation at the grassroots level. That’s why we’re giving $5 million in grants to non-profit organizations that are working to develop new approaches to journalism in the digital age. Our aim is to benefit news publishers of all sizes.

  • I notice in the back and forth from activists when discussing TARP, health care etc. a "missing link" that gets shuffled under more simplified points/counter-points. 

    Can you find positives with TARP?  Yes.  Can you run on TARP?  No.

    Can you find positives with health reform?  Most definitely.  Can you run on health reform?  No.

    Can you find positives to defend in Obama's first two years?  Without a doubt.  Can you run on those positives?  Absolutely not.

    Everything -- from stimulus to the Warren "psuedo" appointment -- was handled in a mediocre fashion, perpetually defended by "what was politically possible at the time."  To be able to galvanize a populist sentiment in a midterm, Democrats needed to -- at least once -- change what was politically possible, not reinforce the narrative.

    Voters won't be out to throw a referendum at Obama in November, but "out hands were tied" is an excuse that only works, and even then just barely, for the minority.

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    "Journolist" is the name of the list/subject of the diary.

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    I've spoken with ALEC reps several times in interviews (they love the Utah Legislature, to say the least) and every time I hear them billed as "non-partisan" I can only laugh.

    These org is about as conservative as it gets, and they're always reliable to praise Utah legislators for their program defunding and budget cutting while backfilling the budget with "fees" but "never raising a tax." 

    It's strange they've gotten away with the "non-partisan" self-description for as long as they have.

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    And it was easily one of the most frightening documentaries I've seen in recent years.

    Well done.

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    A lot of local (UTAH!!!) politics, if you want to witness the hell that is being the ONLY progressive talk-radio host in the reddest of Red States.  Heh.  Good times.

    Incidentally, I'll be "debating" our tea-baggn' Attorney General (and now withdrawan US Senate candidate) Mark Shurtleff via the show on Thursday (5pm MST) re: his political theater and grandstanding over health care lawsuits.  I'll attempt to live-tweet the festivities.

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    I have to agree on adding spaces.  Thanks for the suggestion.

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    A nice catch here by Ben Smith (via TWI):

    http://washingtonindependent.com/71752/d oes-parker-griffith-still-hate-america

  • IMHO?

    For the same reason Tiger Woods "scandals" and Britney Spears follies dominate the headlines for great lengths of time in the media cycles, overshadowing conversations that might actually effect policy productively, or better educate the electorate:  

    People love to see a train wreck.

    These conversations can be entertaining, but their value, and relevance in the end is nil.

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    I didn't edit your diary title, but I can respect the reason someone would have chosen to do so.  While some of us might not be offended by it, there are many who would find the use of the word distasteful.

    That said, and speaking as someone who enjoys reading your diaries and even including them in the rescue from time to time, I'd argue you have too much to contribute to let the loss of one word serve as reason to extract yourself from the discussion.  I hope you reconsider.

  • Sutherland Institute never ceases to amaze me.  LaVar Christensen ("We do not make laws, we merely distort and twist God's laws") , the man behind Utah's Amendment 3 is another Utah politico worth keeping an eye on (he also spoke at the "Sacred Ground" event here).  President Paul Mero is a regular guest on our show, but we've banned him from using any "slippery slope" arguments in propping up Sutherland policy releases, which has greatly hindered their arguments overall.

    They also kicked off their annual "Earth" Week speaker series today.  Last year it was Roy Innis and Heartland Institutue shills.  This year they went for lesser known Beacon Hill Institute reps, and weathermen posing as climatologists.

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    One of my closest friends admitted last night to voting for Ed Schulz instead of Seder.  He also voted for Nader in 2000.

    We no longer speak.

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    Duly noted and removed.  My fault for not checking the diary myself upon reader recommends.

  • Two articles from the Salt Lake Tribune (who've been the one sane voice on the issue in Utah) showing all is not well with Utah Mormons, their church's involvement in Yes on 8, and the costs that may result.


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