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And your weekend bonus: John Maynard Keynes.

To read the newspapers just now is to see Bedlam let loose. Every person in the country of super asinine propensities, everyone who hates social progress and loves deflation, feels that his hour has come, and triumphantly announces how, by refraining from every form of economic activity, we can become prosperous again.


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Economics of Party Health

America thrives when the two party democratic system ,  forges coherent, vivid and relevant policy and identifies the political will of its constituents.

We have always been a country unafraid of work, and innovation - we are almost the beta tester of the entire world. Genetics? We're struggling with it.  Software? Ok, we'll buy the first release.

So it was part of our evolution as a country, that the Republican party - finally experimented with evangelical liberalism, and embraced lobbyism in the era of the Bush Republican. This contradiction destroyed the party.

And the new party that is rising up, really does have a conservative voice.  To see Lisa Murkowski trying to defeat the political will of her own people - by throwing out the results of her own election, is to see the last gasp of a dying elephant, crashing into everything it sees.


In my opinion, as an independent, I would love to see the election of 2010 contested as progressive democrat versus tea , and to have such contradictions as joseph lieberman - to whom, as a bona fide independent - I cannot identify - and other 'blue dog' democrats, who have been taking the lion's share of big healthcare industry lobbyism dollars - and simply shed them and restore integrity and responsiveness to our governance.

Think of this: the great crash of 2008, required a response. And for better or worse, Obama generally followed Sweden's track - he helped re-establish stability in the financial sector and helped out the banks.

But really, aren't there two paths to travel? With all the TARP money going unaccounted for - wouldn't it have been smarter, on our behalf - if there was a voice like the TEA party to argue against the type of activity that allows a government - like the Bush Administration - to just hand out billions of dollars without control?

I like Obama, as a president. But he has to deal with an incredibly corrupt congress. Nancy Pelosi drained the swamp, and got the government working again when she came into power - and we've gotten alot done - as a country -


And as a result, you see our country stable, and yes, we're growing.  I offer that the whole jobs thing is just a game - we've progressed into the 21st century - not every job is coming back.

The voice of the TEA party, to me, is the voice of Partisan Health - real debate, real alternatives at the polling station - and in the end,  a Democratic party that finds its strength in stronger, more coherent, more labor friendly and responsible legislation - can only reasonably be expected to do so it if is pushed.

We are becoming prosperous again, and more importantly - new voices are coming to power. Please. If you are a democrat. Listen to the voices out there. Go for the base. Get independents like me, out there - and listen to us. We want a National Health Service. We want accountability for TARP funds. We want stronger environmental legislation. We want lower taxes, but we really, honestly - don't care about bumping the tax rate up a few points for the millionaires.


We're  getting there!


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