When it snows, where do the homeless stay?

Yes, I know it's snowing outside in New York and throughout the northeast and other regions. It does this every year without fail. It does look like a blizzard and I'm quite sure there will be a tremendous amount of snowfall. But a thought came to mind this time. It had to do with the homeless population. In times of inclimate weather, where do they go?

I know that the shelters cannot possibly house the entire population of homeless people in New York. We may not see them all the time, but that is only because they are hidden among us. The powers that be a few decades ago were first appalled by the homeless laying on the streets. Yet instead of helping truly stop the problem by helping the homeless help themselves, they chose an out of sight and out of mind policy. So you won't see that many of them anymore, but make no mistake about it, they are out there.

There are people living out of automobiles right now and in this sort of weather I hardly think that is safe. So while we are all indoors in this first blizzard of 2006 remember that there are those who have no place to go. I know one woman who is living out of her car right now. She has fallen on bad times concerning employment since 2001. While I do believe that she could get into a shelter or some other type of housing, she chooses to stay in her car because she feels that the shelters are not safe and are in bad condition here in the county of Westchester. That is another issue in itself. But today wherever she is, I hope she at least leaves the car and seeks shelter in a church or homeless shelter for her own well being.

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Re: When it snows, where do the homeless stay?

I want to say that the clergy always talk about abortion and gays but they don't talk about the poors plight to get through the corporate America, with the Bush recession and huge deficit situation, but they want us to keep contributing to their churches.

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