On communities within government

Reading about the abuse that the Mexican people have endured from neoliberal policies in maqiladora factories you wonder if there is any hope at all left. For those who do not know, a "maqiladora" is a factory that assembles imported US parts then sends them back to the US. It is truly disgusting, that is the only word I have for such a device devised by greedy capitalist pigs.

You read about their workplace environments and the little that they are paid. The farmers moved into the cities because NAFTA destroyed the domestic farming community by opening up the country to US imports as it's only source of agriculture. So these farmers at first grew what they could to survive on their little plots and when that was not enough entire families were forced to go work in these maqiladoras or go to the United States legally or illegally. People in the US complain about the illegal border crossing of Mexicans into the United States, but a major factor is NAFTA and the policies it has brought to Mexico that have caused this.

It's truly sad that now Vicente Fox will champion the thousands of Mexicans who travel to the US to work and send money back to Mexico for their families. This in turn also keeps the elite in the Mexican government going I assume, by those families in turn paying taxes or purchasing whatever they can.

But then I started thinking not only about Mexico but people everywhere. In broader terms I mean poor people everywhere who cannot rely on their governments to help them. I now include the United States under the Bush administration in this thinking as well. While people will continue to fight the government for progressive change as they should, I think there has to be a way to bring relief sooner.

There has to be a global poor people's movement for starters. This falls into my community within the government thinking where a community can form and provide some relief from the oppressiveness and failure of its government. I look at things like microlending for example as a start. I am also reminded of the all women village in Kenya that basically formed because the women were tired of being abused, attacked, and degraded by by the men. They pulled together and formed a community. The men grew so jealous because they were miserable failures that they would organize and storm the village, but alas, they are failures and the women have the right idea.They became an economic force that allowed them to remain independent of the men.

If a global community of poor people and those of more higher income means could pool funds, assets, and resources together maybe all those Mexican workers could give the proverbial finger to the Mexican government and quit working at the maqiladoras and other sweat factories of pain. This is intended to go way beyond Mexico. I would love to see the looks of the neoliberalites and big business then as they try and outsource only to find that people won't work in their evil triangle shirt waist like factories. If the farmers in Mexico cannot count on their government to help them because NAFTA is now the constitution of Mexico, then the global community must step in to help them.

This of course could be done in the United States as well. It seems that the people in the same classes along with the help of like minded people from the other classes are going to have to help each other. For example in poorer communities schools are segregated and disgusting, so there is no choice but to start their own with funding and help from a global community. If you don't like tech jobs being outsourced and offshored then maybe it might be possible to start up small firms to employ some of the misplaced laid off workers. But none of this is possible without that community that can circumvent the government and at the same time continue to fight that government for progressive change. I also have a thought that this pooling of funds could work in local communities concerning healthcare costs as well.

This after all is just an idea I have. I'm not a fellow at a think tank, you know like the ones the right-wing has used to concoct these neoliberal schemes of privatization, but like many others I do have ideas.

Here's to that global community I'll keep the fair trade wine on ice until that day......

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