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I'm sick and tired of hearing the Bushies and the Traditional Media label good old First Amendment protected expressions of disagreement with the President as some sort of unpatriotic anti-American act.  I'm equally tired of hearing them assert that the only valid form of patriotism is unthinking acquiescence to King George.

Our Founding Fathers didn't buy it.  Neither do I.  I'm betting you don't either.  So, I want to do something about it.  I want to get the Dissent Is Patriotic message out there.  I want to remind people that it was dissent with King George's policies that launched this nation in the first place.  That dissent is just about the most patriotic thing a citizen can do.

And I want your help to do it.  How?  There's more...

I want to make lapel pins.  Imagine thousands of Kossacks across the nation wearing a subtle statement of true American spirit on their jackets.  Something like this:

Imagine this done as an enamel or cloisonne pin over a gold-colored metal back, sized 1.5 x 1 inch.  In case you didn't recognize it, that's a Revolutionary-war era hat of the type typically worn by the colonials, dark brown with gold piping.  The background is white to contrast better with the gold piping, which would otherwise be hard to see against the gold-colored metal background.  The text is blue for another subtle blue = not-red = patriotic message.

I lean towards lapel pins--as opposed to bumper stickers or posters--exactly because you wear them on your person.  It makes a stronger statement; anyone who sees the pin will see it attached to you, a real human being standing up to make a personal statement.  Being disconnected from the message-bearer, bumper stickers and posters seem weaker to me.

There are places that make custom lapel pins for pretty cheap in quantity (around $1/each, depending on options).  Figure another buck or so for small padded envelopes and postage.  I'd really like to hit a price point of $1/S&H + $1/pin, because I'd like these to be cheap enough that people would be able to buy several and hand them out to like-minded but non-blogosphere friends and family.

The thing is, to hit that price point I'd need to order a few thousand pins.  While I wish I was in a financial position to just do that on my own, the sad reality is that I'm not.  After all, if I had that kind of money lying around, I'd have probably already donated it to worthy House and Senate races.  So here's my pitch: Are you willing to wear a subtle statement of true American spirit out in public?  Would you be willing to cough up a couple of bucks for it?

I hope so.  I'd really like to do this project, but I need Kossacks, MyDDers, etc., to help raise the money to do it.  I'm not asking for money right now. Today, I'm gauging interest to see if there's enough support in the community to actually do this.  If there is, I will go ahead and set up a paypal account to get the ball rolling and post further diaries about this.

Here's what I need today:

  1. If you think this is a worthwhile idea (or at least an interesting one), please recommend this diary.
  2. Subscribe to my diaries so you don't miss any subsequent Project: Un-Redefine Patriotism posts.
  3. Please rate the "I'm In" comment below: the total number of ratings on the "I'm In" comment is how I'll measure the number of people who would actually be willing to order at least one pin when they get made.

And of course, other comments and suggestions are gladly accepted (particularly if you can think of a better, pithier slogan, or if you can do better art than I can).

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I'm In

Gah.  Forgot to post my "I'm In" comment.  Anyway, here it is.  If you're interested in supporting Project: Un-Redefine Patriotism, then rate this comment.  I'll use the count of ratings (not the average rating) to gauge community support for the project.

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