Rove to Walz: Where did you find voters?

Karl Rove asked Tim Walz where he got his voters: /templates/localnews_story.asp?a=274958

On Monday, he attended a new-members reception at the White House, where he met President Bush and political adviser Karl Rove, who was convinced Walz would lose. "He said, 'we had the numbers on you, we thought we had enough, but where did you find the voters?'" Walz said.

MN State Party Chair Brian Melendez tells us how in this DailyKos Diary: /192946/61 .  Excerpt in the flip.

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Mark Warner

I thought I found my candidate for 2008.  Mark Warner reminded me of Gov Dean a governor with a record of success.  He also, against CW, embraced the netroots and paid his respect with a lavish party. (though he should not have done it--we hate waste)

Tonight at DailyKos was a rash of Warner diaries.

But this particular diary concerned me regarding his foreign policy gravitas and knowledge.  Mark Warner needs to know he is speaking to a well informed, well educated blogosphere and CW spins dont fly with netroots.  Perhaps he needs to broaden his readings and  his mind on Foreign Policy. 03338/1129

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Email WaPo Ombudsman

Check out this WaPo Ombudsman take on Democrats and Abramoff repeating GOP spin that this is a bipartisan affair and again not differentiating Indian tribes and Abramoff. And repeat this is from the Wapo Ombudsman.

I think everyone should email this ombudsman and Sens.Reid and Dorgan should strongly demand a retraction or an apology. Their reputation is being smeared by no less than the WaPo ombudsman.

The second complaint is from Republicans, who say The Post purposely hasn't nailed any Democrats. Several stories, including one on June 3 by Jeffrey H. Birnbaum, a Post business reporter, have mentioned that a number of Democrats, including Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (Nev.) and Sen. Byron Dorgan (N.D.), have gotten Abramoff campaign money.

So far, Schmidt and Grimaldi say their reporting on the investigations hasn't put Democrats in the first tier of people being investigated.

But stay tuned. This story is nowhere near over.


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