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    This was hillary's  to lose. The campaign did not prepare or was flexible to adjust to Obama's campaign.

    They did not have a 50 state strategy so they did not reserve resources for caucus states.  They have less rallies,  less ads. They did not have an internet strategy.  They did not harness volunteerism,  and internet fundraising and making people part of their campaign or own it so they will feel responsible to work for it for free.

    They have this ads on cable now--but the audio softens when her ad comes out (which is the opposite of the usual ad when it loudens). They dont have radio ads in the WTOP--news radio but Obama has several.  

    Hillary grows on you.  Even if someone heard all the bad things about Hillary and has visceral dislike with her--but when they hear her talk and see her talk--they ask themselves--why dont I like her again.  My sister was a GOP previously but she wants to vote for Hillary.  Few years ago she was repeating the things Rush said about Hillary.

    Hillary should have fought harder here in the Cheseapeake region and even Maryland.  They should have hold rallies in the Eastern Shore or Western Maryland. And they should not have the relinquish the caucus states.

    They should also embraced being the first woman president and ask women to vote for the first woman president in the US.  Other countries have women leaders not us.  Especially women makes a majority of Dem electorate.  She should have harness them to a frenzy to activate them to vote.

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    I know one thing, you dont like Obama. Who will you vote in VA.

  • That is why both speeches seems different.

    They both were reading their speeches from paper/lectern.

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    It looks like an staged infomercial.  But if I were their campaign,  they should have advertised this in blogs to engage the online people.

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    And Dean was true to his word--even when he lost--he changed the DNC despite all powerful people resisting.

    That is a leader.  He persists for what he thinks is right even if in the beginning nobody yet believes him.  Eventually,  people start to believe and now even Hillary is singing praises to the 50 state strategy.

    Dean reaches out to evangelists--not to find common ground--but to tell the truth about Democrats and how Democrats really are closer to Jesus teachings than Republicans.

    He reaches out to Republican voters not to appear bipartisan but to sell them the Democratic Party--that Dems is really the party that have their real economic and significant needs at heart and will do something about it.

    Dean never disappoints.

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    Is Jerome going to endorse or supporting anyone?

    I think he is supporting Clinton.

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    Defend yourself but dont attack below the belt.

    If they talk about your triangulation --retort back--you do the same -- Obama also having a hard time answering same question.

    If they attack her truthfulness--tell them to prove it and raise also an episode of their truthfulness.

    But excoriate them for political mudslinging and that we all should be working together the whole country even Republicans.

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    And just focus on herself --tell people what her plans are, connect with people, defend misconceptions, and why she is the best candidate, why Dem policies are better than the Republicans, etc.

    Obama, Edwards are already defined. Stop focusing on them. --You can talk about experience but nothing else about them.

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    GOP also doesnt want Federal Govt to pay SS what they owe to SS to cover federal deficits.

    This is wrong.

    Govt should pay and honor the SS treasury bonds just as they should honor the treasury bonds bought by China, Saudi Arabia, coprorations, individuals.

    GOP talks about that there is really no such thing as IOU's.  The money is not there.  Well, if the money is not there,  they should find it or raise federal taxes from the rich especially those who earn more than 97,0000 to pay for the debt.

  • Dodd campaign a Hillary attackfest?

    I thought  Obama and Edwards were the one on a mission to attack Hillary.

    Dodd only came out strongly against Driver's license for illegals as a policy but I dont see Dodd attacking Hillary for truthfulness and spins the way Obama and Edwards do.

    This Obama and Edwards tactic is  dangerous as they are trying to define Hilllary and perpetuate the definition by Republicans of being untrustworthy.
    ANd it is very hypocritical for Obama and Edwards because in this debate they were caught also equivocating their answers to the same question that they accused Hillary of doing.

    While Dodd just pointed out a policy difference and did not impugn anyone's character.

    By the way I am not in Dodd's camp.

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    Ironicaly Obama agrees with Sptzer and clearly said so in the debate.

    I think Clinton should clarify that Drivers liscence are a privilege only for legal residents -- but non residents like tourists or anybody driving should have a international license which clearly states not valid for employment and can be obtained also after testing or having a valid international license from abroad.

  • What is not to like:

    Successful governor and administrator,

    Successful foreign Diplomat;

    Promises to bring all the troops home

    Closest to the characteristics I like with Gov Dean.

  • If not for your post and Markos, we wouldnt know what Dodd has been doing.

    Thus how can it be leading--- if he doesnt make a ripple.

    Actually Dean was good at this--when he wants to make a point--it sounds like a gaffe that it gets on TV.

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    She said she wish we were there too in the early 90's and it may have passed.

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    Bring troops home as quickly and repsonsibly as possible --can mean bring the troops home 100 years from now.


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