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    So many misinformation about Hillary--and when you correct it --they troll rate you.

    I tell you these Obamamaniacs spreading Hillary misinformation in the internet --- are part of negative campaigning.  They dont want to have a debate--they just want to hide your corrections and facts because  they want it out there.

    Peter and you should write everyday at DailyKos and dispute the misinformation.  Or else it becomes a fact to the readers.

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    Kossacks need some perspective instead of just one sided info from Hillaryhaters.

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    Hillary and Obama should start bashing and defining McCain instead of each other.

    Then we can see who is the most effective to win against McCain.

    Start with correct McCain's gaffe or lie or ignorance on AlQeda-Iran link.

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    McCain is weak in National Security.  He is clueless on Iraq and the nature of war there--of AQI, Al Queda, Iran, Sunni vs Shiites.

    He is in bed with lobbyists.

    He does not understand the economy.

    He thinks Islamic extremism is the main problem--when invading Iraq made the threat worse---because if Sadr is one of the islamic extremists--he now controls Iraq and Iran is stronger now of the the invasion.

    The left should start framing McCain.  There should be you tubes going virally on why McCain will be bad for America.

  • Obama should stop this feigned outcry of racial insensitivity and then denouncing people as racists for really non racists remarks.

    If Obama does not stop this---non-blacks will get mad because they will feel being pitted into a black vs white.  

    Obama should have defended Bill Clinton and Geraldine Ferarro.

    Imagine that effect--whites will be more drawn to him because they wont fear being branded as racists just for thinking or discussing simple facts like Jesse Jackson also won SC.

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    I really believe there is a concerted effort to infiltrate the blogs and post anti - Hilllary negative campaign and drive Hillary's negatives up.

    Pro-Hillary posts, comments and diaries usually are about how good Hillary is, how more electable etc---Obama diaries and comments in Dkos-- is more about Hillary hatred instead of how good Obama is.

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    It is not Hillary to defend Ferraro---but Obama---who shd prove to everyone that  he is not offended and that people should stop accusing other people as racists when they really are not.

    Imagine attacking Bill Clinton as racist--or Ferraro just because they said factual statements.

    It is like saying sexist to people who point out Hillary won NH because of the womens vote.

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    It is in the interest of Obama not to be overtly race sensitive or make this about race or about black and white. Especially that he is running as president for all americans.

    George Allen was overtly racist calling a Indian American macaca thus should be called on --- but Geraldine Feraro and Bill Clinton was saying something factual----thus it should not be spinned as racist remark.

    Why do many independents support Obama because he is beyond race.  

    What if you were ordinary white guy thinking in the same lines---imagine being called a racist for just thinking--South Carolina was won by Jesse Jackson because---face it has a big african american population who votes 90% for the black candidate.  Then people will descend on you as racist.  Dont you think there is a danger her for becoming us vs you. Dont you think that people are tired of a campaign going to be about race which pits black against white of being falsely accused as racist.

    Obama should decry oversensitive outcry on racism or even sexism.  In fact his response should also be--I am proud that today we are facing historical event that the 2 main candidates is a  woman and  him.

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    Deaniacs and Clarkies got along with each other in Daily Kos and they dont get overly sensitive or write inane diaries against the other candidate.  Other Kerry Edwards, Gephardt supporters also get respect and listened to.

    But what is going on there is not natural.  It is like there is a conspiracy or trolls to disrupt the Dkos community and make sure Hillary does not get nominated no matter what.

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    You are one of the sane voices in Dkos.

    Sometimes I think many of those Obamamaniacs are really trolls out to disrupt the Dem community.  Their purpose is not to elect Obama in the General Election,  but to let Hillary lose so Dems can be beaten in the General Election.

    I hope administration will get hold of the site and do what MyDD does,  ban people who are overly critical and spreading fabrication of a candidate and the Dem Party.

    For Example,  Geraldine Feraro--if I were Obama,  I would defend Feraro because it is to his interest to show he is not racially sensitive and that he wants to be president of both whites and blacks and above racial politics.  But these trolls are pushing it in Dkos --- which has the effect of antagonizing non blacks --since it is saying whites are bad and if I open my mouth I will be branded as racist.

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    Sen Obama did okay in denouncing the words of Rev Wright.

    However,  I think he should go further and defend Geraldine Feraro and stop this race sensitivity outcry.  

    It has the effect among non blacks to be divisive and be us vs them attitude and defend their race.  Sen Obama's appeal among southerners, whites, is that he is above race issues and he will be president of all americans.

    So he should quiet down those attacks on known people who are not really racists and accusing them of racial insensitivity.

    I can see the effect now.  I am hearing more --If Obama wins I will vote for Sen McCain---because of his race.

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    Check out Hillary and Obama's website.  Obama has the campaign events listed and when you click on the link---more details follows.

    While Hillary has none.  They should be advertising campaign events prominently on their website,  even Bill Clinton and Chelsea's to increase attendance.

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    Rezko is a Syrian--GOP will all tie it up.

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    It is a practice for the vicious attacks from GOP that is coming.

    It is better now for Obama to practice giving a great answer on Rezko that will quiet all further talks on the matter.  

    Obama will get worse things in the GE from the vicious GOP attack machine so better practicing how to answer the questions now and not get riled up later.

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    mcjoan's post last night about University journalism students was accomodated by Obama, Paul, McCain, Huckabee but not the Clinton campaign was telling.

    Furthermore Obama has been edging and Training Texans in all his rallies on early voting and caucusing--which he called the 2 step voting.

    I hope from now on Hillary start improving their grassroot and GOTV operations.


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