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I thought I found my candidate for 2008.  Mark Warner reminded me of Gov Dean a governor with a record of success.  He also, against CW, embraced the netroots and paid his respect with a lavish party. (though he should not have done it--we hate waste)

Tonight at DailyKos was a rash of Warner diaries.

But this particular diary concerned me regarding his foreign policy gravitas and knowledge.  Mark Warner needs to know he is speaking to a well informed, well educated blogosphere and CW spins dont fly with netroots.  Perhaps he needs to broaden his readings and  his mind on Foreign Policy. 03338/1129

Other Warner diaries are: 211421/948 1240/23799 195516/992

Yes,  Iran should not have nuclear weapons but neither should India or Pakistan.  Chavez anti-America rhetoric is ill-serve but why would he be America's problem.  We should acknowledge however the good he has done for his country's poor.

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India is a responsible nation

with a functional democracy. It does not belong in the same league as Iran and Pakistan in the context of trustworthiness with nuclear capability which it has had for over three decades, and developed it completely indigenously. Further, the recent US-India treaty involves only nuclear power generation technology and fuel towards that purpose, and not nuclear weapons.

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