BREAKING: CA Supreme Court to Issue Same-Sex Marriage Ruling Tomorrow

Not really a diary, just a news alert FYI.  This is big folks.  Cross your fingers... nia-supr.html

A positive ruling in this venue could represent a seismic shift in the American political landscape.  It won't be Lawrence v. Texas, but it will be pretty darn close.

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Whither John Hagee?

Just wondering, why do white fundie nutjobs and the politicians who love them get a pass while Jeremiah Wright is being allowed to single-handedly bring down Barack Obama?  Click the link to read Frank Rich's excellent piece in the NYT. n/04rich.html?em&ex=1210046400&e n=1ab063165842695f&ei=5087%0A

My favorite juicy tidbit:

"BORED by those endless replays of the Rev. Jeremiah Wright? If so, go directly to YouTube, search for "John Hagee Roman Church Hitler," and be recharged by a fresh jolt of clerical jive.


"Are we really to believe that neither Mr. McCain nor his camp knew anything then about Mr. Hagee's views? This particular YouTube video -- far from the only one -- was posted on Jan. 1, nearly two months before the Hagee-McCain press conference. Mr. Hagee appears on multiple religious networks, including twice daily on the largest, Trinity Broadcasting, which reaches 75 million homes. Any 12-year-old with a laptop could have vetted this preacher in 30 seconds, tops.

"Since then, Mr. McCain has been shocked to learn that his clerical ally has made many other outrageous statements. Mr. Hagee, it's true, did not blame the American government for concocting AIDS. But he did say that God created Hurricane Katrina to punish New Orleans for its sins, particularly a scheduled 'homosexual parade there on the Monday that Katrina came.'"

Not that I think Obama's relationship with Wright should not be scrutinized, and not that Hagee's relationship with McCain is anything like the former, but if Wright is sooo scary (and he is), why not Hagee and others like him?

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The Abercrombie and Fitch vote?

A quickie of sorts. ins-key.html

Just found this interesting.  And to think I am a hardcore Clintonista and I used to work for this company, which BTW has lost at least two racial discrimination lawsuits...

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1,000 Sally Kern supporters in OK

Below is an excerpt from and article on  You know there is a reason that hate spitting folks such as Kern, McClurkin, Meeks, Dobson, Perkins, etc., have the prominent positions they do.  People, lots of people, agree with their every word and support their evil wholeheartedly.

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Long primary; Blessing or curse?

Rancor, acrimony, divisiveness, hurt feelings.  This bitterly contested nomination campaign is drawing blood on both sides, and may be costing us the presidency.  But maybe not.

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On changing minds.

Just a quick observation:  We have all been participating in this mudfight for months now as though this were the general election and this were a nonpartisan site.  Why?

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The Red Phone in Black and White

Reprinted from the New York Times.  My God in Heaven, is this as far as we've come in race relations in America?

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We're doing it again.

Folks, we are once AGAIN poised to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.  How is it that our Democratic Party manages to turn a historic landslide win in 2008 into yet another implosion and loss to an inferior candidate representing a failed regional party?

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Once again a sinner.

Below is a piece from The Advocate online magazine.  Despicable.

<AFA Warns Against Day of Silence </p>

The American Family Association is urging parents to keep their children home from school on April 25, the National Day of Silence. The Day of Silence, first organized in 1996, encourages students to remain voiceless for a day to represent the silence faced by LGBT people and their allies. Today, hundreds of schools across the country participate in the event.

"DOS leads the students to believe that every person who identifies as a homosexual, bisexual, or cross-dresser is a victim of ongoing, unrelenting harassment and hate," the AFA said in its mass e-mail. "Students are taught that homosexuality is a worthy lifestyle, homosexuality has few or no risks, and individuals are born homosexual and cannot change. Those who oppose such teaching are characterized as ignorant and hateful bigots."

The AFA is asking parents to inform their school that they will not allow their children to attend that day. They also want parents to explain to their children that "homosexual behavior is not an innate identity; it's a sinful, unnatural, and destructive behavior."

The Day of Silence is coordinated by the Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network. (The Advocate)>

I especially love that last bit about what parents should tell their children.  When will this SHIT ever stop?  Will I live long enough to see it?

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De ja vu all over again.

Why does 2008 feel increasingly like 1976?  The more I compare the election cycles, the more similarities I observe.

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