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    At least there's one brave soul to defend the poor maiden, Palin.

    At the end, FemBill compares the crude, rude, cruel, vile and vulgar entertainment entities against the pure, sweet, wholesome goodness of Fox News Corp.  Luckily for FemBill Fox is not affiliated in any way with any crass or demeaning entertainment vehicles.

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    Fallows has an excellent takedown on the telepromter idiocy - http://jamesfallows.theatlantic.com/arch ives/2009/03/one_last_point_about_telepr omp.php  Follow his links for his first thoughts on the subject.

    A shining example of the idiocy of this meme is on full display in today's Arena @ POLITICO, coutesy of RedState's Jeff Emmanuel.  Here I present you with a slightly condensed version:

    Obama didn't really ditch the TelePrompTer

    One of the most ridiculous things I'm hearing about President Obama's presser is that he proved critics of his oratorical skill wrong by ditching the TelePrompTer that has become his public-speaking crutch and going without it.

    Nothing could be further from the truth. Yes, he left behind the old familiar glass-paneled prompters that helped him recall childhood memories he said he would "never forget," that helped him talk down to attendants at dirt-floored Midwestern appearances, and that allowed him to thank himself for a St. Patrick's Day invitation. ...because he was upgraded to a full-size plasma screen at the back of the room from which to read his remarks.

    You can give the president credit for realizing what a story - and what fodder for parody -- the prompter has become (when Rush Limbaugh revokes his offer to debate the president and instead extends that challenge to the president's TelePrompTer, you know the meme has legs).

    However, you * can't * give them credit, as so many are trying to do this morning, for ditching the scripting altogether, any more than you can give a student credit for no longer cheating on a test because he scrubbed the answers off of his forearm and instead brought them to class on a piece of poster board.

    Oh please, please, please keep tying this to Rush!  (Though I thought that was our job.  heh.)

    Surprisingly, moderator Fred Barbarash questions the point:

    I am unsure why anyone--critics or supporters of Obama--cares about whether or not he does or does not use a teleprompter, the placement of the teleprompter, the type of teleprompter and the resolution of the teleprompter. What's the deal with the teleprompter?

    I don't see this becoming much of an issue outside of the right-wing fringe-pots.  We might be in real trouble if Caro were highlight the subject in one of her her widely-read, highly respected, and eagery anticipated headline paste-ups.

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    An ordinary sheet of paper is 8.5 x 11", a stack of about 125 pages is an inch high.  The number of copies of this graph that would fit into Michelle Obama...

    Actually, I think she'd really prefer a handful of jelly beans.

    I'm thinking that for a Barack graph we'd better get some very precise arugula dimensions.

  • "...and Obama's easiest goals.."  

    Easiest?!? Really?

    I agree with your point, but that word just seems out of place on his agenda.  

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    Looking at it from yellowdem's perspective I'm being cheated and my child is suffering.  It's not just unfair, but a matter of civil rights that my child should be forced to attend public day school when he would do so much better at private gay school.  

    Thank you Craig Farmer, for fighting to get my child, and thousands of others, into private gay schools!

  • H ere is a M an UN afraid to take on the Krazy King of Kool-ade!

    I don't know why we're using K razy spa cing but I joined in to be kool!  Speaking of kool, this cat cleans up good and does he ever have a commanding TV presence!  No "Teleprompter Jesus", he.

  • I certainly don't lump any Hillary supporters in with this bunch.  These people generally have a very strange and tentative attachment to Hillary, casting her aside whenever she is clearly supportive of the President.  This group with their (positive) quotes from Rush & the likes, and plugs for Michael Savage, aren't even masquerading as Democrats/progressives.  I don't know if they're genuinely deluded, think they're pulling off some act of sabotage, or creating perverse meta-satire.  Whatever it is that they're doing, Hillary should not be tainted by their claims of allegiance.  Hillary should be judged by her words and deeds which are exceptional by any standards.  In these early days she's shaping up to be an extraordinary SOS (as I think we all expected.)  

    I will probably continue to mock this crazy contingent, but none of this should speak badly of Hillary nor of any of her genuine supporters.

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    Just some added crazy from the current thread on SoCal's echo chamber:

    on February 24, 2009 at 10:13 pm | Reply  ILBlue
    I'm only hearing what I must because My Husband watches it and I have to go do things in the kitchen to take care of the cats or finish dishes and straightening up.

    He is ALWAYS BORING TO ME . Sorry I have never thought he was a great or even good speaker. And watching him with his nose and chin in the air just makes me want to throw something at the TV.

    UMMMMMMMM did he honor or have any white people as his special guests???

    on February 24, 2009 at 10:23 pm | Reply  FeelingHoodwinked
    Rush Limbaugh has said that all of BO's statements come with expiration dates. What he said tonight could expire by tomorrow. He doesn't keep his word; i.e., earmarks, lobbyists, etc. Capitol Hill has been moved to shifting soil. And over-exposure will be his death knell.

    on February 24, 2009 at 11:02 pm | Reply  jilli
    I cannot stand to see that haughty nose in the air either. He would drown in a heavy rain without an umbrella.

    And this, from the same thread, deserves special note:

    on February 24, 2009 at 8:50 pm | Reply  Ali (Alikat/Alleycat)
    Everyone, in Texas its 570 AM Savage Nation (Michael Savage) He has Phillip Berg on the radio right now -- they will be taking callers!!! Call in if you want to as Phil a question. Damn, I don't have the number. I have to get check the savage nation website.

    Berg just said on National radio that o is an illegal alien  Berg just revealed the whole enchilada

    Emphasis added just to screw with the integrity.

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    Walter Dellinger, Attorney:
    Bobby Jindal was terrific. His response is the most effective I can remember since Ed Muskie's fireside chat following Nixon's State of the Union in 1970. The staging was beautiful -- the old South governor's mansion with the big magnolia tree in front leading in to his slender young son of immigrants serving as Governor. He presented an alternative vision that was not mean sprited, but optimistic. Will this do for Jindal what the 2004 keynote speech did for Obama?

    We're doomed!

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    I hate to feel like an apologist for The Post.  But...

    The cartoon was a poor piece of satire but Obama doesn't seem to be the (direct) subject.

    Here's the source for the chimp & police imagery:

    Published: February 16, 2009

    A 200-pound pet chimpanzee in Stamford, Conn., Monday viciously mauled a woman he had known for years, leaving her critically injured with much of her face torn away, the authorities said. The animal was shot dead by the police after he assaulted an officer in his car.

    - snip -

    One team of officers combed the woods for Travis, while another formed a protective cordon around the paramedics ministering to Ms. Nash, who Captain Ackley said also suffered multiple broken bones.

    After a while, Captain Conklin said, Travis returned and "went after the officers." He knocked a mirror off the passenger's side of a police cruiser with one swing of his arm, then ran around to the driver's side, opened the door and attacked the officer in the driver's seat.

    "He's trapped in his car," Captain Conklin said. "He has nowhere to go. So he pulls his sidearm and shoots the chimp several times in close proximity."

    Points 1,2,3,5 come directly from this bizarre real-life, recent event.  Point #4 is open to interpretation but I find the cartoon only makes sense following the Post's interpretation.  It's not particularly funny, but neither is it offensive.  

    Absent the shooting of the rampaging chimp story this week it would have certainly seemed to be nearing Klan territory.

    I think that in this case, the chimpanzee is just a chimpanzee.

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  • Next time you put this stuff into blockquotes.  Even by accident you don't want anyone to think you align with any of dahlink's dribble.

  • I kinda expected the cat pics to come more from Teh engels sector.  But yeah, that comment did call for it.

    By the way Wash, you sound delicious!

  • Have you really missed this particular joy of DD?

    Follow any of the links & see the quotes in context.  I really couldn't do justice to the work.


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