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    ...if Hillary scoops up Edwards team, replacing Penn, and thus running a far better campaign.

    That would have made a big difference in this race.

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    Surely they've done Joe in already.

    These guys have Secret Confidential Unreleased "proceedings" and the power of The Law as they define it.  No way we can fight on an even playing field like that!

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    And it only gets worse!

    Clicking around, I see that these damn juries have all sorts of arrows in their quivers.  This headline from the very authoritative Investigating Obama web site is like cannon fire across my bow (piratical apologies to anyone offended by the reference):  "US CONSTITUTION SAYS A PEOPLE'S GRAND JURY CAN SUBPOENA OBAMA'S BIRTH CERTIFICATE, ACCORDING TO GRAND JURY ORGANIZERS"   Well damn it all, these limitless legal eagles seem to have all the bases covered while we're still pulling our team out from the minors!  We're up a creek without a paddle and the water has turned to rapids with a swarming school of piranha smelling blood.  I think it's time for Chavez to keep his part of the bargain.

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    Well, this is pretty damn depressing coming off the high of 100 days of real change (yeah, some if it's been incremental, but in just 100 days I wasn't looking for total revolution.)

    Now I wake up and see the nation has been plunged into total constitutional crisis.  Sunshine has turned to storm almost as if the safe-marriage ads were carrying an even more dire message than we first realized.  You're usually thorough in your posts so I assume you've not mentioned any option to appeal is because this ruling is so sound, so thorough, so damnably airtight that it simply must stand unchallenged.  I wonder if Joe has remained untouched by this Constitutional and most Eligible of juries?  Or do the secret, confidential proceedings hide a second shoe that's about to drop - crushing our hopes, dreams and ideals like so many socialist ants?

    Deep in the churning pit that is my stomach, I can't help but feel that perhaps Barry shouldn't have been so lazy about enacting his plans to modify the court system and the Constitution.  He certainly had the power to block groups like this - groups who use something as minor as 'the law', 'the Constitution', the Bill of Rights', to stop his great and grand plans to remake America.

    I also feel pretty damn bad for Sasha & Malia - those kids played their parts extremely well and they never even began their cross-country tour promoting preschool gay lifestyle studies and compulsory kindergarten communes.  Of course Michelle was well on her way to earning her payout, but we'll miss the annual First Lady's Abortion Holiday.

    Sad days Mr. Fox, sad days indeed.

  • You know where to find him now.  Him, HE, the man, that guy, himself, MR KNM, manly man-guy, the male, Mr. Masculine.  That should make it clear I'm tossing out sexist insults by even coming close to calling 'it a girl'.  Let me make it even more clear, I believe that KNM needs to wear two pair of pants just to make sure HIS mighty masculine, manly balls don't just burst out!

    Anyway, back to finding our dear old krazy pal, it's pretty easy, he pretty much owns the rec list nowadays  (with just a little room left for cute li'l Caro.)

  • I rarely suggest a trip to Crazy-Land, but this one is worth the mucking about.  

    Far Right/I'M RIGHT!!! has dished out a mighty meta-diary.  His view of MyDD, their view of MyDD... it's just got to be seen to be believed.  

    http://alegrescorner.soapblox.net/showDi ary.do?diaryId=2737

    Just a taste:

    I guess the only way to explain my support for Hillary, choice and traditional democratic values, and be insulting at that same time, is to call me a woman.  You know, it's a girl, so ignore it!

    Finally, Charles Lemos himself pipes up with, "The Corner? Isn't that part of the National Review?"

    Get it?   Now, according to a mydd front pager, I'm a woman writer for National Review online (because, like second graders playing the game of telephone, Lemos is told "alegrescorner" and hears "National Review's The Corner").

    So much for "reality based".  They really have checked in their brains for the duration.

    The comments are actually a lot more fun.

  • A chart-dispensing pen??

    I guess this is what you get from a room full of incredibly wonky Bond fanatics.

  • Wot! No poll?

    Achi, buddy, you are slacking off.

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    He may be whining but he's being warmly embraced.  All because he said the magic words.

    And there's MORE MORE MORE!  Just nuzzling up against KNM's dispatch from limbo is our favorite cut'n'paste opinionator who seems to have lurched right back into sins & sinful psyche of Obama mode.  Keeping up the theme, she even has a shout-out to MYDD:  

    I tried to warn you, Jerome.  And now I'm not even allowed to post or comment at your website.  I guess they just can't handle the truth at MyDD.-Caro

    Of course kitty korner is sea of rational calm next to the crazy, crazy nutso-land of our old pal, the darlinkh.

    I try to avoid those places but you can be sure that whenever I click over, it is most certainly Obama's fault!

  • I agree completely.  

    Until the day we see he's using scripture to ignite culture wars, push specific [i]religious[/i] viewpoints or doctrine, or anything else along those lines, I won't be troubled by his (or anyone's) choice of quotes.

    Nicely thoughtful diary.

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    Thanks for the key to the secret door.

    Now please tell me (us) why the Hell we can't use the front door any more?

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    What the Hell?  This keeps showing on the rec list, and with new comments no less.  But each time I try to view it I get this:

    Sorry. I can't seem to find that story.
    Display [Nested]  Rate? [Yes] [Set]
    Permalink :: 28 Comments :: Post a Comment

    I hope this is just a glitch. The Stupid faux outrage is still here.  If this was deleted & that crap not then it really is time to walk away from this site.

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    Great, yet another wacky pro-Palin diary!

    Take it to Redstate!

    And if you want to learn how to do up a right crazy poll you'd better study Architek, he's the master on that front.

  • I too am shattered by this militaristic turnaround.  As one of the most regular of DD posters has reminded (and reminded and reminded and... ) Obama ran as the anti-war candidate!(!!!)  As such he is a nothing more nor less than a hypocrite by using the military for anything less than a head-bowed cut & run from the heart (and heat) of action.  What a grave betrayal for those of us who attacked the kool-ade like icy free beer at a college kegger.

    All I can think is that puppet-master Axelrod has secretly swapped Barack's decaf latte with the hard stuff.

    The ramifications of this action are terrifying on almost every level.  Just reflecting on recent insights on this site I have to acknowledge that the Nazis also used military actions.  Surely this is yet more evidence that Obama intends to proceed with his eugenics program specifically in order to block permenantly the desperate, needy citizenry from the health care that they so desperately need.

    Sad, brutal, painful days are with us now.  We can only expect the vast echo to rise up in the land, proud patriotic populism, with mighty voice will sing strong and clear that, doomed and duped, we are all failin' without Palin.  Today's treacherous, traitorous, humiliating actions have left me profoundly humbled.

  • Sorry, can't be bothered to read your words and words and words and words and words -- all seemingly without end.  

    Suffice to say that TD & WSB are absolutely correct on the origins of Prescott Pharmaceuticals.

    Side effects can include words and words and words and words and words and words...


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