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    Mojo for Fudd!

    How many bombs would George W. Fudd drop in a futile attempt to get that wascally wabbit?

    Of course this is a trick question.  The answer is, of course, unknowable - he'd just keep dwopping 'em until he achieves victowy!

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    If you really want to succumb to the bourbon, I strongly recommend Booker's - the best (and the strongest.)

    Alcohol aside, thank you for the best, most incisive analysis I've seen in what seems to have been a very long time.

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    I guess that anything is possible but I don't see the upside to the O-camp in this.  At this point - ESPECIALLY at this point - there is a lot of negative chatter throughout the whole of the netroots.  Clintonistas for Obama, and any other like-group are going to be only marginally more negative than what you find here right now, or even on the more O-centric sites.  Any attempt to silence these groups would only deliver a negative backlash - a DESERVED negative backlash.  

    The truly negative Puma groups are fairly marginal and, as far as I've seen, mostly self-contained on their own domains.  So this tactic would pull only those members of the netroots who have moved from die-hard Hillary support to Obama support - albeit cautious or somehow qualified support.  Again this seems nonsensical - it would create a vacuum for genuine anti-Obama sites to fill.  Even more dangerously, there are Republican sites devoted to winning over Clinton supporters (and "supporters",) these sites could expand with their creative fiction about McSame's great respect for women.

    Even if the Obama campaign is absolute evil incarnate (and I still strongly believe they're the good guys,) I just can't see them making this imbecilic a move.  

  • It's not goopy at all - use cherry jam & go heavier on the actual cherries.  It's really good.

    Hah!  I remember fluffernutter!  Even as a kid I questioned how this could be considered "food."  I had a real sweet tooth & drove my mother nuts begging for them (the POWER of advertising to kids!)  I wouldn't admit it at the time, but they just weren't as good as the ads made out and I let my demands peter out pretty quickly.

  • I always wondered how they milk those eagles.

    Ever tried peanut butter & pie filling sandwiches?  

  • If it were only sour I might have read it.  From his past posts I came away with a sort of bitter taste so now I just skim though the comments for the more appetizing highlights.  

    Your comments were far more satisfying (and intellectually nutritious) than anything in his regular raft of rancour.

  • If these trolls keep it up I am going to get FAT!

  • I was hungry with your first post.  I was salivating at update #2, and at this point I'm starvin' for sweet treats!

    Unfortunately though I'm a lousy cook.  Makes me wish I'd never read this damn diary in the first place!


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