• Megan, I would never say that of you!

    Least of all if you were actually doing so.

  • Think of it as the I am rubber, you are glue defense system.

  • Sorry Shaun, he immunized himself from being called a troll by anticipating it.  It's like some imaginary diarist or commenter stating that he/she is a democrat or that he/she has always been for Barack and/or Hillary - before dumping four pounds of concern.  It works like blogging forcefield.

  • Oh yeah?

    Well I'd fuckin' watch the fuck out of that motherfuckin' movie! Absofuckinlutely!

  • comment on a post New McCain Ad Yikes over 6 years ago

    So he's recycling a war that was long before his opponent's time and a good line from the Thatcher campaign.  He also ties himself to the rotten economy & keeps pushing his 'maverick' image just as the GOP conservatives are launching their own internal war over the party platform.  

    This seems to be speaking to the choir.  It doesn't worry me at all.

    Actually the flower-power bit seems to be more of a jab at Hillary's support for the Woodstock Museum, something he was using early in the primary.  

  • comment on a post The RNC screams "D'Oh!" over 6 years ago

    Don't worry, they're thought this one through!  Instead of the usual backdrop of sloganeering graphics or rainbow-colored Republicans (i.e. white & beige,) there will be a wall of buxom cheerleaders doing their best to rouse the crowds & distract from the crotchety man behind the mic.

  • comment on a post My Fallow Hamericans! over 6 years ago

    Yet another enjoyably pointed diary Lieber.  Nice to see this found some room amongst the multiple "tipping point" concern diaries.

  • comment on a post Obama Supporters - Where Do You Draw The Line? over 6 years ago

    What tiresome claptrap this is.  

  • No surprise that the team is standing by their Gurl.

  • I'm not even close to considering a 'tipping point'.  At this point he's remained fairly consistent in his views & opinions.  

    I fully expect him to bring our combat troops out of Iraq within the first 16 months - or so.  But I do expect that, unlike Bush, he'll gather data first and devise a withdrawal that doesn't create absolute catastrophe in the region.  Note that this is very different from McCain's desire to keep our troops there until some ineffable "victory" is achieved.

    While I personally do not approve of the death penalty under any circumstances, I appreciate that Obama disagreed with the SCOTUS ruling that, as it turned out, was based on inaccurate, or incomplete data:

    It turns out that Justice Kennedy's confident assertion about the absence of federal law was wrong.

    http://www.nytimes.com/2008/07/02/washin gton/02scotus.html?_r=1&scp=12&s q=Supreme+Court&st=nyt&oref=slog in

  • on a comment on McCainomics over 6 years ago

    Thanks to the acid I dropped earlier this evening, McCainomics make total sense to me.  He's going to win both wars early in his first term, then use the booming peace dividend to eliminate the deficit.  

    Even with the hard hit of acid, I'm not quite if he's including the costs for his Iran war, or if he's just going to win that one also in his first term.  

  • on a comment on Silencing Dissension. over 6 years ago


    Just for the heck of it I googled "sew dissent"  - third result was ClintonsforMcCain!

    And no, I'm not trying to tar you with that brush.

  • on a comment on Silencing Dissension. over 6 years ago

    Sorry CG, on closer read I see that you say so explicitly.  I guess I had skimmed though some of the detail initially & took too much from the title & the line about silencing sites critical of Obama.  (Yes, that is followed immediately by a note that you don't blame Obama.)

    I know from having you throughout the entire primary that you're not out to sew dissent.  Considering the circumstances described, your header seems unintentionally misleading.

  • comment on a post A cookout with some bastards over 6 years ago

    Very funny post.

    But that pales in the face of how bloody depressing it is.

  • comment on a post President Barack Obama will not rotate your tires. over 6 years ago

    Unlike the rest of the malcontents here, I won't grumble about the failure of this candidate to provide me with the promise of a personal bikini wax.  But that is only because, having never worn a bikini, I'm man enough to admit the complaint could be construed as somewhat disingenuous.  

    Thanks for the smile with a side of solid sense!


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