Living Two Lives For A Better Future

I often think I am living two distinct but separate lives.

Last Tuesday night, I celebrated our primary win with my phenomenal staff and tremendous volunteers, all committed to the success of our district.

Barely a day later, I was flying an AirBus 300 to Appleton, WS, for FedEx. Still working, I am now in the middle of a week of night flights.

Two very different lives, but connected by a powerful common thread… a commitment to a better future for my family, my friends, and for all the people in our district, our state and our country.

Even though it is exhausting at times, campaigning and working as a full-time airline captain give me a concrete idea of what all working families face.

It’s hard to balance job and family in good times. With the current economic crisis, the challenge is even harder -- how to keep paying the bills with reduced incomes, and in some cases no incomes at all.

That must change. We must bring good jobs to our district, improve our public education, and support our returning veterans.

As we continue on the path of this campaign, the challenges will continue to mount. But the importance of winning this race should not be understated. To bring jobs, good public education, and veteran support, we must have a loud and clear voice for working families in Congress.

Please join me in making sure that happens.



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