College Graduation From A Mom’s Perspective…

As my husband John, my son Tony and I sat in the audience at the College of Charleston today, I started reliving some of my son Bill’s school days -- the announcement of the 5th Grade Science Award, the years of his academic achievement, and his amazing artistic accomplishments.

Of course, those were interspersed with a few episodes of not turning homework in, not answering all the questions on an exam, and an occasional exclamation of how irrelevant the material is to real life.

So, when our son walked across the stage to receive his Bachelors of Science Degree in Anthropology with a minor in French, I felt the pride any parent would feel. What an accomplishment!

Education in South Carolina sees thousands of success stories every year at college graduations. Our job is to make sure that all of our children have the confidence and encouragement to reach their full potential.

We must make sure that kids believe in themselves and their abilities from day one. Teachers, especially in the midst of South Carolina’s gutting of school funding, desperately need the resources to teach our children. And finally, parents must believe that their involvement is vital to their children’s success.

Every child in South Carolina can be a winner when it comes to education. It just depends on how committed the adults are to making success happen.

Let’s make sure that every parent has a moment to be proud of their child as they graduate from high school, technical schools, college, graduate school and more. It all depends on us.

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