• The polls show that Obama is ahead in the third quarter.  Not a bad place to be, but the fourth quarter is when games are won or lost.

    It appears that Obama's lead and the complete failure of the Palin Gambit are going to push McCain to intensify the personal attacks.  If we can get the narrative to be "McCain is losing, getting desperate, launches a smear campaign," then the smear campaign will be less effective.

    I could be wrong, but I think that Obama ought to call McCain out on his smears and lies in the next debate.  Ask him why he is so afraid to have a debate on issues and policies?  Again, I could be wrong.

  • Put aside the snap, crackle and pop polls for a minute.  Does anyone think that after last night's debate Obama's poll numbers will go down?  Was there anything that would cause him to lose support?

    I think not.

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    Recently I said that I did not expect the campaign to turn in Obama's favor.  By that I meant that it would continue to be a "McCain attacks, corporate press/media legitimizes and amplifies McCain's attacks, Obama responds" campaign.

    We will see it more clearly in the next 72 hours, but I am thinking I was wrong about that one.

    The last candidate I can remember who looked this untethered from reality is Ross Perot.

    Trying to cancel the debate is horseshit.  McCain has no idea what to say about the economy and his advisors know that if they let him talk to the massive audience during the debates, he will say something that he will spend the next week trying to deny, amend or retract.  McCain is a fool and a coward.

    It would be nice if every Democrat in the country spent the next 24-48 hours piling on.

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    What is the argument for McCain?  Can anyone state and argument for McCain that isn't about Obama?  McCain has yet to do so.

    The resistance to Obama has got to be a combination of race-based reluctance and generic lack of trust/faith in a new person.  By the former, I do not mean overt racists; they have been voting Republican for years.

    If Obama surpasses or even matches McCain in the nebulous 'looking presidential' category, he might finally make the sale with the remaining movable voters.

  • I would love it, and I mean the real love that lasts forever, if Hillary Clinton were on the Supreme Court.

    I have a suspicion, and it is nothing more than a suspicion, that Hillary Clinton did not want to be VP.  I do not think it would have been a good job for her.

  • I am not at all surprised that Hillary Clinton is working to elect Obama.  It would have been the same if the roles were reversed.  Each candidate has supporters who have a problem with the other candidate, but the senators themselves are both smart, realistic and devoted to their common causes.

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    I do not believe that the presidential election will ever turn in Obama's favor.

    The decision has been made by the people who own this country, who own its press/media that McCain should be in the White House.

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    No one who is not a reliable repeater of right-wing talking points is going to be near an anchor position, even on cable.  Telling the truth, if it hurts the right-wing or counters the corporate mythology, is 'too controversial.'  Lying and fraud, so long as it only hurts the left and promotes the corporate mythology is totally acceptable, even desired.

    The guilty parties here are the American people. This is the point where there is no one else who can change things.  If they continue to buy into this bullshit, then we are well and truly screwed.

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    This is the race for now and for all time unless and until something happens to change it.

    McCain will maintain a lead of 2 to 5 points in the national polls.  Unless he screws up, and unless the corporate press/media actually reports the screw up, he will win by that margin.  He will get all the Bush states from 2004.

    Tell me where I am wrong.

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    It is true that 'Country First' is absurd, but so was 'Compassionate Conservative' and that worked real well for the right-wingers.

    If it weren't for my being alive and alert for the last twenty years, I'd say it will never work.  But Americans, or at least a slight majority of them, seem to enjoy being conned.

  • It is a fundamental law of the corporate press/media that only Republican and right-wing ads get a week of free airplay.

  • This attack will not work.  Anyone who is concerned about these matters is already not voting for McCain.

    The remaining people will find these qualities attractive.

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    I cannot throw up enough.

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    My one big hope in this election cycle is that Franken wins.  So I am not happy to hear that he is not doing well.

    What has Coleman got going for him?  Why would Minnesotans send a Republican to Washington?

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