CO-7: Attack of Lamm's

A few weeks ago, I had a post about the rumors of polls being taken by Democratic candidate Ed Perlmutter. The polls, which are fake/non-existent, are the current hot topic on, which I previously stated. Yet after giving the issue some thought, I came to the conclusion that, well, maybe the poll did exist. And, as i have been told, the poll was paid for by the AFL-CIO and was about a minimum wage increase that the labor union is supporting. So Let's think for a moment.

The AFL-CIO endorses a candidate in the most competitive(WaPo, and National Journal) House race in the nation, and they pay for a poll about a seperate issue. Of course, they will ask their respondents a question about this race. The AFL-CIO is going to put a large amount of money, work, and volunteers into this election. And of course a lot of votes.

"Well, wouldn't they pull out of the Perlmutter endorsement if they now know he is weak?"

NO, because they have already endorsed him and that would look bad on their part if they did so. In addition, they already were aware of the fact that Perlmutter was not weak, he strongly supports unions, and that he can win! But that is simple politics, maybe Politics 101...if that.

What I would assume happened was that the AFL-CIO intentionally targeted an audience that is politically inactive, non-voters, that most likely do not read newspapers. That would be because the AFL-CIO is doing what the GOP did in 2004, using statewide ballot iniatitives to turn out more of a vote.

Just take another look at the Press Release from Celinda Lake, it should be evident.

But, how did Lamm beat Perlmutter in the poll?

Well I have already addressed this but... Lamm is a house hold name in Colorado. And Lamm has been more active than Perlmutter in the last few years. She was the chairwoman of the investigation into rape allegations at CU-Boulder. But honestly, it is only May. We have four months until the primary, a lot will change

Now, all of the pieces are coming together.

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CO-7: Lies, Lies, everywhere their is Lies! is my favorite local political blog. It's everyones favorite local political blog. About a year ago, I began reading ColoradoPols, simply so I could be as up-to-date as some of Colorado's top political operatives. It is a great site with good analysis by anonymous bloggers. It is even famous for giving gambling odds on candidates. Furthermore, one would not believe how much credibility and infamy it has at a campaign headquarters. Everyday, the talk of the office is either what Ed's rating is at coloradoPols or what so-and-so has said about Ed.

But to often what so-and-so said, actually a kid by the name of Way_2_liberal or spacecowboy, is nothing but trumped up charges against the Perlmutter team.

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CO-7; Struble joins the Perlmutter team

Ed Perlmutter, the leading candidate for the democratic nomination in America's most competitive House district, Colorado's 7th CD, has just unveiled new member's of his campaign staff. In addition to his current staff - which includes former Congressional Candidates Mike Feeley and Stan Matsunaka as honorary co-chairs, Rep. Mark Udall's Cheif of Staff Alan Salazar as general Chair, and Danielle Radovich Piper, former Caucus Director for the Democratic Senate Campaign Fund (Colorado) and Chief of Staff for the Senate Majority (Colorado), as Perlmutter's campaign manager - Perlmutter has brought aboard Karl Struble and David Eichenbaum as media consultants, Karen Petel of The Mack Crownse Group is a former Campaign Director at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) and Regional Political Director with EMILY's List, and Celinda Lake as his pollster.

The recent announcements, simply, show that Perlmutter has gained control of Washington insiders that will help him win the primary and the general election.

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Caucus Day!

March 21st was caucus day throughout Colorado. Democrats and Republicans gathered, albeit in order to avoid a scuffle in seperate buildings, across the state to choose the best candidate for their respected party. As part of my volunteer work with Ed Perlmutter's campaign, I was a "representive" for the campaign to the 41st House District's caucus. Most counties organize caucus' according to voting precincts; for example, in Park County I would have attended the 13 precinct caucus, not the caucus for the 60th House District. Though, Arapahoe county organizes caucus elections by House District's, most likely to concentrate the low number of voter's.

Inside Overland High School's lunchroom, the caucus location, their was a table for every voting precinct. Some tables had 10-12 people sitting debating resolution's that the party will in theory adopt, squabling over the best candidate for the 7th CD or governor: Bill Ritter or some guy named "uncommitted." Yet, other precinct's had only a few voter's, while some had only one voter.

My job last Tuesday was to make sure that every person that walked through the door had in their hands: a Perlmutter sticker, an endorsement sheet, an issues peice that discusses Ed's philosophy of government, and a letter from Ed because he had to visit a dozen other caucus location's in his home turf: Jefferson County. And it was probably good that he and his family spoke at a lot of JeffCo caucus location's because he, according to a straw poll, won with nearly 90% of the vote in JeffCO!!

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House Party's, They KILL me! Part II

Well, well, well. How could I forget these important aspects of this important part of the campaign: what does the staff do at these events? and how else are they organized?

Since I enjoy doing things backwards, we'll start with the second question first. So, I have already discussed the tools used to get people to go to the event (phone calls, canvassing, and sometimes e-mails). But how are these locations chosen? Well, they are not! The campaign has to rely on supporters of Ed to "donate" their home for an evening. for the most part, however, the pprecincts that the house party's are in are very high-performance precincts.

I just wanted to make sure I addressed that.

Now, for the first question. Normally at the House Parties, their is a voulunteer/intern, the feild coordinator for that section of the district, and the candidate. I have discussed what the candidate does, but what about everyone else?

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House Party's, They KILL me!

Sittin' on a corner in Saudi Aurora, such an awful sight to see. There's a girl My Lord! slowing down to make a laugh at me. Take it easy. Take it Easy."

Well, that's the parody of the old Eagle's tune I sang to myself a few weeks ago while I stood on a corner in Aurora with a "Perlmutter for Change" sign directing people to that evening's house party.

Normally not too many folks will show up to the small event. Well, not as many as I expected, though Arapahoe County Feild Coordinator Bill Holen always seems pleased when 10 people show up. The normal routine goes as follows: First, Ed will take 10-15 minutes to tell everyone his story: where he grewup (the 7th CD), his past legislative experience (8 years in the state Senate), a cute little anecdote about his children and the history of the prominent Perlmutter family, and why the hell he wants to be a U.S. Congressman. From there, he goes onto taking questions. He asks everyone to tell him a little bit about themselves before they ask him a question. On occasion, people will have very articulated, well-thought-out questions about the direction of the nation, Congressional politics, and public policy. Though with the good questions, you also have numerous people that just want to vent! I would assume that they think they have someone with some power in front of them and if they could tell him their problems, maybe someone will do something about it. All the while, Ed is writing everything down: the best restaurant in the area, a proper way to fix Social Security, a viable exit strategy for Iraq, and any tactics that the Campaign can use to defeat the "neo-con death cult." Then, Bill Holen will kindly interupt to say that "the candidate has along day tomorrow and needs to get going soon. He will take just a few more questions, please." It's almost like clock-work.

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CO-07: Peggy Lamm and Katherine Harris have too much in common

Katherine Harris, infamous for her role in the Florida recount debacle in 2000, has had quite a few shake-ups around her campaign to defeat Florida's Senior Senator Bill Nelson. Her campaign Manger? Out. Her campaign strategist? Out. Hell, nearly everyone see's that she is a failure and they don't want to be associated with her.

The same thing is happening over at Peggy Lamm's campaign Headquarters. She is (or was) being investigated for voter fraud, she endorsed Gov. Owens (R) in 2002, and she can't raise money. Now her campaign is falling apart. According to an anonymous post at ColoradoPols, and a somewhat weak confirmation from the Perlmutter Campaign, it seems that Peggy Lamm's Campaign Manager has left and the reason is unknown. In addition, Ridder/Bradden Inc., Lamm's hired consulting/polling firm ran by colorado big-wig rick Ridder, has apperantly dropped out also. Surely at the moment  this is purely heresay, but it seems incredibly realistic and credible.

So, why would all of these folks drop out of Lamm's camoaign? Well, 1st Quarter fundraising reports were due last week and it would take a lot of money for Lamm to continue to be a viable candidate. And with rumors about Perlmutter having $550,000 in the bank, Lamm would at least need to have $300,000 in the bank to dent to Perlmutter's war chest. That's doubtful because she pay's people to canvass and represent her at events, she is blowing money. But, maybe their is another reason for all of this.

Other similarities between Lamm and Harris:

1. Both look like they have been to a few plastic surgeons in the last few months.

2. Niether can raise money.

3. Both like to let the opposing party win the elecion!

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CO-Gov: Did you see this?

Did you see this? I hope Bill Ritter's camp saw this; actually, I am sure they did. But I hope that Marc Holtzman's camp saw this. Or not,"a page from the liberal blogosphere? We better not let this be found on our server!"

Well what would expect from the man that... well, I'll just let the DCCC tell you:

Bob Beauprez has taken $30,000 from Tom DeLay's ARMPAC. No
surprise that Beauprez voted with Tom DeLay 94% of the time between Jan. 1 2004 and March 31 2005.

...Bob Beauprez voted to weaken the ethics rules in a move that many say served only to protect Tom DeLay.

...When Republicans realized it was "impossible to win the communications battle" over the gutted ethics rules, Beauprez flip-flopped and voted to put the old rules back into place.

...When Democrats offered a solution to clean up the House by strengthening ethics rules, Bob Beauprez voted twice to make sure it never even came to an up or down vote.

...Tom DeLay has been admonished three times for his unethical behavior, yet Bob Beauprez gave DeLay's legal fund $1,000 to help defend him.

Of course, Beauprez is most likely the only Republican dumb enough to send out a letter like this. Of Course!!

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CO-O7: Malfeasance already? It's only April!

Rick O'donnell, the lone Republican candidate for the Colorado's 7th CD, has finally kicked off his campaign for Congress. In his official announcement, he said what any Republican running for Congress would say - we need to reform education, support our troops, fight terrorism, end illegal immigration - and a host of other things. Everything he said was unoriginal, regurgitatred talking points fro Ken Mehlman's desk - I did not attend the event, but from the story in the Rocky it all seems pretty clear. He intends to run as a reformer, yet he has worked for Gov. Owens and he has had Dick Cheney in Colorado to help him raise funds. Clearly, it will be difficult for him to run as a reformer, while having these infamous names fundraising for him. The GOP rank-and-file would love to see Cheney, Bush, or Dennis Hastert come through town because he looks like the "real-deal' that will support their interests. Yet to the independent, which 33.3% of the district is, it makes makes him look like a radical right-wing ideologue that will tow the party line to push forward the Bush Agenda. In addition if you remeber John Corzine's campaign for NJ governor, he ran an ad against Doug Forrester that had Cheney's image next to Forrester's, this drastically hurt Forrester. And if the same was done against O'donnell, Ricky could say goodbye to the 110th Congress.

Well, other than O'donnel being shown in the rocky as being a right-wing hack, he has also been in the Rocky for being, well, a right-wing hack.

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The Politics of the Caucus, Volume One

On March 21st, the precinct caucuses will take place throughout Colorado. Voters across the state will be asked to choose a candidate for Governor, Democrats and Republicans- much like a primary. this will also occur in the 7th CD for Democrats. Herb Rubenstein and Ed Perlmutter will fight for the Democratic nomination. Though Peggy Lamm will not participate in the caucus.
It is somewhat interest to sit and think, "why wouldn't she go through the caucus. all of the other candidates are, it is extremely cheap, and it introduces you to party activists that will help you win the general election. Well, it is pretty simple. She can't win the caucus. One of two things are being talked about at Lamm's headquartes, I would assume:

1. Peggy Lamm can go through the caucus process, host and attend house parties, participate in a number of events, walk heavily democratic neighborhoods, and raise thousands of dollars. Yet, the catch is that activists are in the loop about what happens in the caucuses. They know that in 2002 Peggy Lamm lobbied against the caucus process, it was blatant that the Bighorn think tank lobbied on behalf of this initiative, for Amendment 29:

         o Amendment 29 eliminates the role of neighborhood caucus and assembly meetings in selecting candidates for the primary ballot. If this measure passes, it would:
          o Require major political party candidates to obtain a specified number of petition signatures to appear on the primary ballot
          o Change the required number of petition signatures to qualify for the ballot (in all but two political offices).
          o Increase the time allowed for candidates to collect signatures.
          o Candidates may include a 100-word personal statement on their petition.
          o Modify the procedure for protesting and resolving conflicts about petition signatures.
          o Election officials are not required to validate signature.

They realize that Lamm didn't even want them to be there. How can they now go and vote for her? They won't.

2. Or, she can forget about the caucus and just rely on the primary to get her to the General election. Yet, that won't work in her favor either: democratic activists will work to make sure that the candidate of their choice is elected, if she had not built the support from the "roots" during the caucus, they will be supporting someone else when the primary rolls around.

She's caught. Nowhere to move, and as the caucus approaches, it appears that she is going to attempt to win the primary without the activists support.

By the way, the last point in the description of amendment 29 seems a little awkward, no validation of signatures? So, anyone could forge signatures? Hmm...

Don't get me wrong , though, I think anyone that wants to run for office should be able to go through the primary and receive their name on the ballot, it only seems to fit the notion of democracy.

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