House Party's, They KILL me! Part II

Well, well, well. How could I forget these important aspects of this important part of the campaign: what does the staff do at these events? and how else are they organized?

Since I enjoy doing things backwards, we'll start with the second question first. So, I have already discussed the tools used to get people to go to the event (phone calls, canvassing, and sometimes e-mails). But how are these locations chosen? Well, they are not! The campaign has to rely on supporters of Ed to "donate" their home for an evening. for the most part, however, the pprecincts that the house party's are in are very high-performance precincts.

I just wanted to make sure I addressed that.

Now, for the first question. Normally at the House Parties, their is a voulunteer/intern, the feild coordinator for that section of the district, and the candidate. I have discussed what the candidate does, but what about everyone else?

Me? I set up signs, direct traffic, quickly canvass the neighborhood before the event, and pay close attention to the candidate and the folks that attend the event. Paying attrention to the people allows me to see how Ed will handle a very far-left or moderate person. If he doesn't go on a left-wing rant, the folks are moderate. If he does, he has a liberal crowd. For the most part, it is really a pretty simple part of my duties. I am basically there to lend a hand to everyone else and, well, learn.

What about the feild coordinator? Bill Holen, the feild coordinator for Arapahoe County, has definetly more responsibility than me. some of the small thingshe does are settting up the information table, and other small duties.

Though the most important duty of Bill's is to reach out to voter'sthat could be valuable in the future. For example, a few weeks ago at a house party Bill convinced an Arab man that was driving by- that was apperntly upset with the Bush Administration and the republican Congress - to attend the event to learn about Ed and to support him. The Arab man showed up, and was speaking with Ed for nearly 20 minutes; topics ranged from immigration to Iraq to discrimination and, I think, even health care. Following the event, Bill Holen learned that this man was very active in his mosque. Then Bill and the man exchanged phone numbers so they could be in contact in the future. therefore, Bill can have the Arab man convince hisfellowMosque attenders that Ed Perlmutter is the man for the job. Not only will this give Ed more supporters and more votes. This will allowEd to have the support from a popular mosque in Aurora, which will be vital in these times.

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