CO-7; Struble joins the Perlmutter team

Ed Perlmutter, the leading candidate for the democratic nomination in America's most competitive House district, Colorado's 7th CD, has just unveiled new member's of his campaign staff. In addition to his current staff - which includes former Congressional Candidates Mike Feeley and Stan Matsunaka as honorary co-chairs, Rep. Mark Udall's Cheif of Staff Alan Salazar as general Chair, and Danielle Radovich Piper, former Caucus Director for the Democratic Senate Campaign Fund (Colorado) and Chief of Staff for the Senate Majority (Colorado), as Perlmutter's campaign manager - Perlmutter has brought aboard Karl Struble and David Eichenbaum as media consultants, Karen Petel of The Mack Crownse Group is a former Campaign Director at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) and Regional Political Director with EMILY's List, and Celinda Lake as his pollster.

The recent announcements, simply, show that Perlmutter has gained control of Washington insiders that will help him win the primary and the general election.

Karl Struble, a long-time media consultant to former Sen. Tom Daschle, is by far the nail in the coffin to the Peggy Lamm campaign. Struble has a long history of helping moderate Democratic candidates win very conservative or swing states. Most recently, Struble helped craft the election of Virginia Governor Tim Kaine. Surely, Kaine rode into office on the coattails of the wildly popular Mark Warner, but this race was still excruciatingly competitive. But Struble is also responsible for the election of Monatana's wildly popular democratic governor Brian Schweitzer. Not to mention, Sens. Mary Landrieu, Mark Pryor, and Tim Johnson.

As a sophomore in college (community college albeit) and an intern on a well-oiled political campaign, I took the oppurtunity to read about Karl Struble and some of the tactics he uses to win elections. First, however, I must say that I entered my internship with a very thorough understanding of political events, but not of campaigns, elections, and WINNING! So, what I am about to type may sound like common-sense to readers of MyDD, but it wasn't to me.

Following a google search of Karl Strubble, I came across an article he wrote in 1997 for Campaigns and Elections about how he was able to help Democrat Tim Johnson overcome the incumbent Republican Larry Pressler. First, Struble speaks about how every campaign is ran off of differences: ideology, party, policy, but more importantly values and personality. Personality and values always trump policy. When was the last time somebody said they voted for so-and-so because he/she is in favor of universal health care. Surely that view may be part of their reason for voting for that candidate, but since he/she supports that policy that means that he cares about the hard-working people that cannot afford health care or it is too expensive, like me and you.

Once the differences between the candidates have been found, a campaign must create a "message box." In this box their will be four smaller boxes that identify the campaigns message about either of the candidates. As the Perlmutter campaign for example, on box would be titled "Ed on Ed," Ed on Peggy/Rick,""Peggy/Rick on Peggy/Rick," and "Peggy/Rick on Ed." Therefore the campaign can understand how they will be portrayed. But most importantly, the campaign will have concise piece of information about the campaigns message, this can be sent through to volunteers, interns, and any other staff members to create a unified message.

Surely, this is just one aspect of winning an election. But the main point of Struble's article was that if we identify and expose our opponents to be different from "regular folks," we can win elections on values. Republicans do it all the time, so can we.

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