CO-7: Lies, Lies, everywhere their is Lies! is my favorite local political blog. It's everyones favorite local political blog. About a year ago, I began reading ColoradoPols, simply so I could be as up-to-date as some of Colorado's top political operatives. It is a great site with good analysis by anonymous bloggers. It is even famous for giving gambling odds on candidates. Furthermore, one would not believe how much credibility and infamy it has at a campaign headquarters. Everyday, the talk of the office is either what Ed's rating is at coloradoPols or what so-and-so has said about Ed.

But to often what so-and-so said, actually a kid by the name of Way_2_liberal or spacecowboy, is nothing but trumped up charges against the Perlmutter team.

At first, Way_2_Liberal raised hell over Alan Salazar, Mark Udall's Cheif of Staff, being a paid employee of Perlmutter's campaign. His employment would violate House Ethics Rules. I am at the Perlmutter campaign headquarters three times a week, and I have never met Alan Salazar, never even heard of him coming by the office. After this rumor engulfed the blog comments section, Alan Salazar responded by saying:

An anonymous blogger identified as "way2_liberal" has posted several items on this blog accusing me of working for Ed Permutter 's congressional campaign in violation of my federal service as Congressman Mark Udall's Chief of Staff. I enjoy reading this blog and appreciate that anonymous posts occasionally stretch the limits of free speech, but falsely accusing me of violating my oath of service, breaking House Ethics rules (and federal law) cannot go unanswered. For the record, I am a strong supporter of Ed Perlmutter (as the General Chairman of his campaign) but my assistance is strictly voluntary and has only been conducted using vacation or personal time. I am proud to have been involved in recruiting Ed's very able campaign manager, Danielle Radovich-Piper, and the suggestion that I am running his campaign is also false. Moreover, there is no way Mark Udall would permit me to draw a federal salary in his office and abuse the privilege by working for the Perlmutter campaign on anything but my own time. I worked hard to become a lawyer licensed in the State of Colorado and have no intention of endangering my livilhood or my reputation by breaking federal law, or violating House Ethics. If "way2_liberal" has evidence to the contrary I believe he/she should come forward instead of posting libelous nonsense that is false and unfair to me, Congressman Udall and the Perlmutter campaign.

All of a sudden, Way2_liberal dissappeared.

Then, a kid, I would assume an intern for Peggy Lamm, started posting by the name Space Cowboy. Space Cowboy started this obscure rumor that Ed hired a pollster by the name of Celinda Lake, which he did. But the rumor is that Lake took a poll for Ed that was not in Ed's favor, but Peggy Lamm's, so therefore the poll was never released. this, like all of the other rumors that have popped up on what was a great blog, is false. Sure, Perlmutter did pay Celinda Lake. But that was for a trip to Denver, a $500 trip to Denver. And we all know that a poll is going to cost a lot more than $500.

But Lake Research Partners did do a poll in Colorado, but it was not for Ed Perlmutter. I have been told that it was for the AFL-CIO concerning an initiative to raise the minimum wage in Colorado. Lake Research Partners released the following memo to ColoradoPols:

It has been brought to our attention that findings from our recent statewide survey have
been misinterpreted and misused as a barometer on the current primary involving
former State Senate President Pro Tem Ed Perlmutter and former State Representative
Peggy Lamm. First, the information being reported revolves around an oversample of
75 registered voters in the 7th Congressional District. The margin of error on a sample
of that size is 11.4 percentage points. Secondly, the question at issue was asked of all
survey respondents - not just Democratic primary voters. Finally, and most
importantly, the survey sample (the voters we spoke with) was specifically designed to
include registered voters who DO NOT vote in off-year elections, meaning those
surveyed voters had a history of voting only in Presidential Elections and certainly not
in primaries. So taken together, the small sample size and the fact that none of the
voters are likely primary voters, the most logical conclusion is that the survey tells us
nothing about the Democratic primary between Perlmutter and Lamm.

So, I'm sure you can tell why Perlmutter may have not done so well in the poll. But, if you can't, it's because Peggy Lamm is a Lamm, her family (ex) has deep roots in Colorado politics. While the Perlmutter name is somewhat known, it is not nearly as well known as Lamm.

But wait, there is another rumor. Yes, of course. Ed Perlmutter will drop out of the election on Monday, April 17th. And that, of course, did not happen.

Lies, lies , everywhere...Lies.

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