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A few weeks ago, I had a post about the rumors of polls being taken by Democratic candidate Ed Perlmutter. The polls, which are fake/non-existent, are the current hot topic on, which I previously stated. Yet after giving the issue some thought, I came to the conclusion that, well, maybe the poll did exist. And, as i have been told, the poll was paid for by the AFL-CIO and was about a minimum wage increase that the labor union is supporting. So Let's think for a moment.

The AFL-CIO endorses a candidate in the most competitive(WaPo, and National Journal) House race in the nation, and they pay for a poll about a seperate issue. Of course, they will ask their respondents a question about this race. The AFL-CIO is going to put a large amount of money, work, and volunteers into this election. And of course a lot of votes.

"Well, wouldn't they pull out of the Perlmutter endorsement if they now know he is weak?"

NO, because they have already endorsed him and that would look bad on their part if they did so. In addition, they already were aware of the fact that Perlmutter was not weak, he strongly supports unions, and that he can win! But that is simple politics, maybe Politics 101...if that.

What I would assume happened was that the AFL-CIO intentionally targeted an audience that is politically inactive, non-voters, that most likely do not read newspapers. That would be because the AFL-CIO is doing what the GOP did in 2004, using statewide ballot iniatitives to turn out more of a vote.

Just take another look at the Press Release from Celinda Lake, it should be evident.

But, how did Lamm beat Perlmutter in the poll?

Well I have already addressed this but... Lamm is a house hold name in Colorado. And Lamm has been more active than Perlmutter in the last few years. She was the chairwoman of the investigation into rape allegations at CU-Boulder. But honestly, it is only May. We have four months until the primary, a lot will change

Now, all of the pieces are coming together.

More Below the fold...

While former Colorado Democratic Governor Dick Lamm is surely on the attack against illegal immigrants lately, his former daughter in-law is on the attack against other Democrats. Surf around the internet for a moment and visit Ed Perlmutter and Peggy Lamm's website's. Notice anything? Maybe that Perlmutter only responds to allegations made by the media that Lamm does not know where she lives? And that on her front page, Lamm is attacking Ed Perlmutter for his environmental record in the state Legislature?

This is a primary elction in the most competitve district in America. Why, Why would any Democrat risk the chances of a fellow Democrat to win this District? Strategies that don't demonize your opponent are easily and readily available. If want to beat him, Peggy, beat him with a strategy not an attack on his character.

Here is a roundup of what Lamm said:

Lamm noted that Perlmutter had sponsored legislation that the Denver Post called "An Oil-Industry Dream Bill" and a "one-sided special-interest measure" to allow natural gas companies to avoid paying millions of dollars to about 10,000 royalty holders. [Denver Post, 2/28/02; SB 141, 2/22/02]

"The culture of corruption in Washington has sold out to the big oil companies and other special interests," Lamm concluded. "Those special interests already have too many voices in Congress. They don't need another one in Ed Perlmutter.

To even consider Ed to be good-friend of the Oil and Gas industry is absurd! He has been a volunteer trustee Midwest Research Institute (primary operator of the National Renewable Energy Laboratory). He received ratings from the League of Conservation Voters that fluctuate between 87% and 100%. He has been endorsed by Maggie Fox Udall of the Sierra Club. (Hat tip to TakeBackTheHouse)

She also spoke about a fundraising event on Monday night that was sponsored by the Colorado Oil & Gas Organization. Note to Peggy Lamm: It was his birthday Party! At the home of former U.S. Sen. candidate Tom Strickland.

Lamm does not even have a record we can speak of, at least Perlmutter stands for some thing. And it is renewable energy, the Environment and reducing gas prices.

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