Caucus Day!

March 21st was caucus day throughout Colorado. Democrats and Republicans gathered, albeit in order to avoid a scuffle in seperate buildings, across the state to choose the best candidate for their respected party. As part of my volunteer work with Ed Perlmutter's campaign, I was a "representive" for the campaign to the 41st House District's caucus. Most counties organize caucus' according to voting precincts; for example, in Park County I would have attended the 13 precinct caucus, not the caucus for the 60th House District. Though, Arapahoe county organizes caucus elections by House District's, most likely to concentrate the low number of voter's.

Inside Overland High School's lunchroom, the caucus location, their was a table for every voting precinct. Some tables had 10-12 people sitting debating resolution's that the party will in theory adopt, squabling over the best candidate for the 7th CD or governor: Bill Ritter or some guy named "uncommitted." Yet, other precinct's had only a few voter's, while some had only one voter.

My job last Tuesday was to make sure that every person that walked through the door had in their hands: a Perlmutter sticker, an endorsement sheet, an issues peice that discusses Ed's philosophy of government, and a letter from Ed because he had to visit a dozen other caucus location's in his home turf: Jefferson County. And it was probably good that he and his family spoke at a lot of JeffCo caucus location's because he, according to a straw poll, won with nearly 90% of the vote in JeffCO!!

But I also had to nag people about voting for Ed. I had to talk to every person there about four times in order to convince some of them to vote for Ed, and that was a feat for my shy self. Some of them were huge Perlmutter supporter's and some were not. the suporter's wrote hundred-dollar checks to the campaign and gladly wore a sticker on their denim jacket. Yet, the foes of the campign had some seemingly easy question's that were extraordinarily hard to answer. One man that didn't know how to spell "Iraq," seriously, asked me "why do I support Ed's campaign?" Well, the first answer that came to mind was that, hell, i'm an intern and I get school credit for this. But don't fret, I didn't say that. Instead, I told the person in this race that can beat Rick O'donnel and help take back the House. Some folks though that was a worthy response. But this man, surely didn't. So, I told him that Herb rubenstein is a socialist that wants a camera in every classroom. He didn't like that either. So, I took him as a loss. Although I had to answer a few other question's, none were as hard as that one.

Then, Ed's cousin, Mike Perlmutter, gave a speech about Ed and why he is the best candidate for the job. Mike was the lone Ed supporter that gave a speech after I and a few other's (including state Rep. Nancy Todd) determined that a string of Ed supporter's talking about him would not resonate very well with the crowd. But, that was a bad decision, in my opinion. Mike did great for not knowing the crowd and for not having a speech wrote for him. But, he should have had his cousin write a speech for him because it probably didn't go over very well with the blood hungry crowd. Mike's biggest mistake was saying that "Ed is a moderate. Fiscally conservative and socially responsible." Yeah, you see the problem. He should have stressed Ed's veiw on healthcare, the budget and the growing national debt. But he didn't, I can't blame him.

Then, she walked through the door's. Looking like a movie star, maybe Sharon Stone with her long fur coat. Yes, it was Peggy Lamm. I had never met her nor seen her in person. When I first saw her, I went to shake her and her aide's hand, wish them well, tell them it is a pleasure to meet them, and maybe sk them to kep the peace so we can kick some neo-con death cult ass!! No, they just walked by me. then, I walked passed her aide with my hand out to introduce myself, shunned. Finally, as Peggy was giving her speech, which I now know she should not have been allowed to because she is foregoing the caucus, I introduced myself to her aide. the conversation went as follows, with some explanation:

Me: Hi, my name is Jake. I am an intern on Ed's campaign. (Putting my hand out to shake her's)

Aide: Hi. (Wearing a smug look while ignoring my hand.)

Me: So, that's Peggy Lamm? (I'd never seen her in person.)

Aide: Gimme a break, you guy's beat her up everyday and you don't know who she is. Get outta here. (and she walked right past me.)

Yeah, that was just a little fun. But overall, the evening was a very good learning experience where I made numrous connections.

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