• Jerome,

    When did you become such a shill?

  • The airwaves...ALL OBAMA'S.

    He's going to bombard the airwaves from now to primary day. Let's see if that monopoly helps.

  • Hey Nate,

    Haven't you heard that Clinton supporters are less educated than Obama supporters.

    That might explain it.

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    Popular vote:

    Hillary 50.2%
    Obama 49.8%

    Look at all that decisiveness at work.

    Obviously the poster doesn't know the first thing about anything, because Obama won the delegate count by 13.

    SPIN, SPIN, SPIN. Is it getting dizzy here at myDD?

  • ...and by overwhelming majorities.

    Yep, Hillary is the one alright. We will cap off

    I hope these idiot Clinton supporters continue to denegrate these smaller states. That way Obama won't have to focus any time in: Nebraska, Maine, Rhode Island, Vermont, Wyoming, Indiana, Montana, and South Dakota on account that the Clinton campaign has already conceded them.

    Then we can OUTSPEND Hillary in all the other states coming up. Keep snarking it up Clinton supporters. It's your funeral.

    That's right, you're girl is losing. No amount of spin will change that.

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    You're a snob. You're the reason we Democrats don't do well in red states.

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    My prediction...

    Hillary will win Democratic nomination.

    McCain will win Republican nomination.

    McCain will defeat Hillary Clinton in November to retain the White House for the Republicans.

    Democrats are really just that stupid.

    Good night, y'all!

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    Are you Clinton supporters still in denial about McCain winning the Republican nomination?

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    This is a Clinton site.

    I was initially for Obama with Hillary a close second. But for some strange, unknown reason the Clinton's idiot savants believe that they need to destroy Obama which does not speak well of their faith in Hillary and her abilities. The truth is they, and Mark Penn, is the reason this race is even close. None of this was even necessary. They could have won with class. Hillary could have used this race as a means to demonstrate her ability to bring disperate people together.

    Instead the country sees her as divisive and manipulative. Election Hillary was always going to be a tough sell. But in my opinion, her campaign has probably made that impossible.

    Obviously Clinton's strategy is not a very good one, since a good strategy is one that looks ahead.

    These people seem quite content in winning this battle but then losing the war --- as in the general election. They do this with their complete disregard of independent voters, which becomes more obvious they will lose in the general as time goes on.

    Remember that swarmy idiot Tom Delay? Remember his talk about a "majority of a majority" supporting him? Look how well that worked out for him.

    Yet, Clinton's strategist Mark Penn seems quite fine with incorporating a similar strategy with his candidate. The only caveat being that Hillary wants to win the majority of a MINORITY and consign our party to electoral oblivion.

    Let's hope that

    This might come as a surprise, since all my feelings that do not correspond to the Hillary campaign's apparent motto of 'submit or perish,' but I have always felt that Hillary would make the best President, while Obama's message was superior and would win us the election.

    Instead of adopting Obama's message, and thus becoming the best of both worlds; the Clintons, as is their custom, have decided to destroy it. They attack all that does not fit into their narrow worldview.

    The couple from Hope have obviously turned against it. They mock the very things people like me believe in. This is why many people, like myself, have grown so disamoured with them. This is why independents will never support her. She has become the epitome of everything they dislike in politics.

    The Clinton supporters have devolved into believing that, despite holding a significant double-digit lead among his party-base (one larger than Hillary currently enjoys among her own), John McCain will not be the Republican nominee. Because they know what everyone knows: McCain's popularity with independents, and her seeming unpopularity, will deny her the White House.

    This is what I find so disconcerting. This is what I blame on Mark Penn. He has narrowed his focus to such a degree on Obama, and destroying him personally, that they can no longer see the forest from the trees. He can't see how he is strangulating his candidate's chances in the general election by his actions and decisions.

    I, for the life of me, don't know why the Clintons keep this idiot around.

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    You seem to miss the fact that Republicans and Independents can vote in Nevada.

    I say that's the reason this endorsement is significant. The Obama campaign has made outreach to independents and Republicans a priority. It's a strategy I suggest the Clintons incorporate.

    I find it funny how Clinton supporters, and I count most bloggers on this site as such, always want to diminish anything that makes Obama look better than Clinton.

    Sad and pathetic, really. It makes you guys look pretty insecure. Mark Penn is really a smart, smart guy [note sarcasm]. After Nevada and South Carolina, he will have won only ONE contested primary (by 2%) and have his candidate get destroyed among independents in every single one, including when she ran against no one in Michigan and still lost the independent vote by nearly 20%.

    Even if she wins it'll probably be a pyrrhic victory, because of all the damage Mark Penn and the Clinton's have done to Hillary's chances with independents. This strategy being another shining example of Penn's genius.

    Have at it.

  • Steve,

    He's popular enough. He can win the general...that's why he'll win the nomination. I won't win any prize if this comes true, or self-destruct if it doesn't. It's just what I think will happen. We'll know in a couple of weeks if i'm right.

    But keep dreaming. I can't believe how much of Clinton's chances, to her supporters, depend on hope and a prayer.

    Not exactly the most encouraging thing if you ask me given the certainty many seem to have of our retaking the White House in November.  

  • Keep thinking that. In fact, you should also click your heels three times.

    Hey, it worked for Dorothy.

    McCain will be the Republican nominee. You must accept that. No amount of dreaming will change that fact.

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    Romney equals a certain defeat for Republicans. They're stupid, but they're not THAT stupid.

    You people are fooling yourselves because you know what everybody else knows, that John McCain is the only Republican with any chance of retaining the White House. Even Guiliani will get slaughtered. According to recent polls, McCain slaughters Hillary among independents. I don't know how we will win anything if we lose the independents. I mean in Michigan Hillary lost the independents essentially to nobody, that's how popular she is with them. Anybody but Clinton, that's the story out of Michigan for us Democrats. A lot of Democrats have been going around talking like winning in 2008 was a certainty. You guys don't realize that McCain polls better against Hillary now, then Bush did against Kerry during a comparable period in 2004.

    Michigan is Romney's home state, why are you guys spinning this as a great defeat for McCain? No one but you guys sees it that way.

    I find this thread very strange. Who are you guys trying to convince here? Yourselves?

    Do you guys honestly think that Romney will win in South Carolina? McCain will win it there. Then what? McCain will win the west, including California and Texas (the two largest states in America). He will win the majority of states on super Tuesday. He will win all the Republican super-delegates. He WILL be the nominee.

    So please, stop fooling yourselves. Let's prepare for McCain as Republican nominee. Any other choice would be completely irrational for the Republicans.

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    You Clinton supporters are whistling past the graveyard at your own risk.

    John McCain will be the Republican nominee and he will defeat Hillary Clinton.

    Support Obama NOW!

  • comment on a post Why The Blogosphere Is Teh Suck Now over 6 years ago

    When did mydd.com begin to suck ass?

    I guess around the time it turned into a shill blog for the Clinton campaign.

    Change, my ass. Mydd is now about maintaining the status quo.

    The blogosphere sucks now because it is divided up between those who support change --- the original intent of the blogosphere --- and those wanting to kiss up to our leaders (ie Jerome Armstrong, mydd.com and others).

    This latter group are more than willing to destroy everything that was worked for over the past seven years because people like Jerome have been welcomed into the status quo and have decided to stay.

    Greed, selfishness and stupidity has turned it into "teh suck."

    Enjoy oblivion...


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