They're Our Troops Even When It's Their War

     By the singular act of following just one lawful order, our soldiers defend you and me, the sovereign people of these United States.  This following of a lawful order is not a small thing.  If the terrible happens, if our soldier is lost, even if the war is unjust or the conflict is "small", the essential foundation of our democracy, of us The People, is defended as have been few others in the world or even in history.  Please consider my arguments.
     In the first days of January 49 AD, Rome was still a democracy, granted, a rowdy ill-formed Republic, but a recognizable democracy.  It was against the law of that democracy for Roman soldiers to be stationed in Italy.  On January 10, some soldiers of Rome were asked to break that law, to cross a little stream, the Rubicon, into Italy.  It was the acquiesce of Romes' soldiers to Caesar's invitation, their loyalty to a person, rather than to their lawful orders, that soon ended the Republic in Rome.
     Here, in this United States, it is the people who are sovereign, not the congress, the president, or any part of government, The People, us, you and me.  The founders feared greatly for that sovereignty, and most from lawless soldiers, armies, that tended to steal that sovereignty, a pratice of governments around the world, then and now.  So they built into our Constitution checks, controls on standing armies, especially lawless ones.  And our United States grewup without the presence, the intimidation's of lawless soldiers, somewhat unique in the old world.  We just assume our soldiers are professionals that bend to the sovereign will of The People, us.

     When our community, that's The People again, all of us, acknowledges the critical implications of this seemingly simple act, this following of a lawful order, we can more clearly distinguish what is due our soldiers for their loyality and discipline, and what is due Bush for his war.  This distinction is important, it's honest, and gives a foundation for The People to come together in our respect, support for our soldiers, their families, regardless of our differences on this conflicts.

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Re: They're Our Troops Even When It's Their War

It bugged me that people- mainly pro-Obama- criticized Hillary for standing up and clapping for the success of the surge during the SOTU- to me it was obvious she was clapping for the soldiers and their success, NOT the surge itself.  She was supporting the soldiers, NOT the plan.

by reasonwarrior 2008-02-05 02:52PM | 0 recs


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