Budget Day in UK. Car pollution tax announced.

Announcing what he called a "Budget for Britain's future," the Chacellor for the Exchequer, Gordon Brown, who is favored to replace Tony Blair as the head of the Labour Party (who knows when?), today delivered his 10th annual budget address.
It's interesting to look at where British taxpayers' money is spend by the government, and what a small percentage of it is spent on defense.

The budget also proposes free national bus travel (in England only) for every pensioner and disabled person beginning in April 2008. I'm not sure why this applies only to England, though perhaps Wales and Scotland's quasi-governments provide such services already. I have no idea.

Very importantly, the budget includes an increase of the "climate change levy" from April 2007, as well as the introduction of a new zero rate of vehicle excise duty for the small number of cars with the very lowest carbon emissions *and a new top band for the most polluting new cars.*

(A friend in Ware just bought a new, massive Rover. Not sure he'll like the excise duty. Serves him right. <wink>)

But most importantly: the budget freezes the duty on spirits, sparkling wine, and cider! Cheers! :)

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