One great Schmuck :Chairman Bernanke

Republicans are smart people, they have great ideas and they talk a great game about how they can solve problems and make the world a better place to live if given the chance and a few more dollars. The trouble comes when the doors are closed to the public and the big hitters with the big influence start to gut any program to make sure the money goes to the "right places".

Now along comes a great schmuck by the name of Bernanke and he doesn't talk about the hundreds of billions that are going to be spent by NASA on a useless Manned Mars program when robots could do the job better. Bernanke is not talking about the billions more that are going to be spent in Iraq nor is he talking about the billions that will most likely be spent on Lebanon and Iran depending on what Bush allows Israel to do. He's not talking about the billions that are being spent on nonfunctional schools where half of the budgets are spent on items other than education. Bernanke is not talking about the billions in unfunded mandates that the Fed straps onto the States and Cities or about the billions that have been wasted by Homeland Security or FEMA. Bernanke dosen't talk about the Forest Service plans to close hundreds of small parks or give them out to bid or sale depending on what big companies want to do with them.
All Bernanke can talk about is robbing social security, that seems to be all he's been allowed to say by his bosses and then the republican party leaders will come out soon and say "that's not what we plan to do unless there is no other way".
I guess the real problem is that the Republicans never want to find the other way.

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Re: One great Schmuck :Chairman Bernanke

Bernanke's comments are disingenuous at best. He is right about Medicare, it is quickly going broke. Social Security is in trouble only because the current administration persists in robbing the till to offset tax cuts. Social Security is either a hidden regressive general tax or it is solvent. Which is it?

by Paul 51 2006-10-04 01:19PM | 0 recs
Re: One great Schmuck :Chairman Bernanke

Social Security is all most working class people have left after the not-for-profit hospitals have take their savings, Tom Delay and  Abramhoff have taken their rights, and the school orgs have taken the schools they built from teaching the three r's - reading, righting, and rithmatic to the three b's - babysitters, broken programs and building projects.

by irsouth2 2006-10-05 08:37AM | 0 recs


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