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    yes it can be found here: http://capwiz.com/ourfuture/issues/alert/?alertid=8063871&type=ME
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    but I always have hated U2 and bono.
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    I don't really like the attacking tone of your article.  In my opinion humanism is just as unjustifible as Christianity (and is some way less).  I'm a democrat and a moral relativist.  I much perfer moral relativism to humanism as a key to the Democratic party and to all progressives.
  • I am serious.  Hes got the money, the name recognition, the carisma, the roots in the community.  I've seen him speak at a DFL event in MN, people love him.  He was even in the Spam muesum!  Don't be so elitist.  If Ventura could win then Franken can win.
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    MN has gone with the Democratic president more times then any other state (excluding DC) in the last 15 or so elections.  In fact the only time it went for a republican president since 1960 was for Nixon in 1972.  Its the state of Wellstone.  Its not going to a republican.   In 2008 Coleman will lose to Al Franken (if he runs and he talks like he will) and MN will have 2 DFL senators.  I promise!
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    I've read a copy of this letter but I can't make out the signatories.  Any one know who actually signed it?
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    Does anyone have a list of all the republicans who actually signed this letter?
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    I think he was simply saying that just because an individual disagrees on a particular point on a larger issue, this does not mean that individual is an opponent of the comprehensive large platform or philosophy behind that larger issue.
    I think he is asking for tolerance of say prochoicers that have a non-conforming stance on one or two particulars of the pro-choice movement, specify parental notification of 12 year old girls (I use girls for a reason, even though I DO NOT think parental notification should EVER be required I think is disingenuous and plays into the hands of the anti-choicers to call a 12 year old a woman, or that it is her right to choose as a woman), and that we should not slanderous an otherwise supporter.  Now we should give them reasons why we disagree with their particular stance and make arguments why their stance is incorrect but this need to be PRODUCTIVE and not DESTRUCTIVE.
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    I was living in Nebraska for that election and am a Democrat.  I think it sucks that Delay's dirty money was used to elect the extremist Jeff Fortenberry.  I don't think he represents the state of Nebraska even taking in to consideration the states redness.  However Connealy was not a strong candidate.  I only reluctantly supported him.  Nebraskas shouldn't be worry about running progressive democrats.  You should run Bill Avery or Ian Russell.  Or better yet find a exnebraska husker to run as a democrat.  There HAS to be some!
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    A little confused but ok...


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