The New Contract with America

As I discussed in a blog entry the 11th anniversary of the contract with America was the 27th of September.  Robert L. Borosage has released an article for a real contract with America....
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Robert L. Borosage

A Real Contract with America
10/24/2005 | Source: The Nation

Lethal incompetence and indifference in Katrina's wake. Republican House boss Tom DeLay indicted--twice. Senate Republican leader Bill Frist under investigation by the Securities and Exchange Commission. "Casino Jack" Abramoff's cynical cesspool of conservative corruption. Stagnant wages and rising prices. Quagmire in Iraq. Have Americans had enough? Will Katrina and corruption threaten the right's hold over Congress and open a broader challenge to the conservatism that has dominated our politics over the past twenty-five years? It's possible--but only if Democrats can make themselves a compelling force for change.

1994 and the Gingrich Revolt

The last successful effort to nationalize Congressional races in a nonpresidential year came in 1994, when Newt Gingrich and movement conservatives unfurled their Contract With America and shocked themselves by gaining fifty-four seats to take control of Congress, ending forty years of Democratic rule. That election offers pointed lessons for Democrats hoping for a similar reversal...

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All need to stop sucking up to corporate interests
Its not just the GOP that seems beholden to corporate greed.. The Dems aren't as bad, but they are still bad. They need to get more of a spine.. Especially on healthcare. We need single payer.. We need quality universal healthcare. Yesterday.
by ultraworld 2005-10-11 08:19PM | 0 recs
Wasn't it "The Contract ON America" ?
It seems like it...
by ultraworld 2005-10-11 08:20PM | 0 recs


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