The (Broken) Contract with America

Eleven years ago today, Congressional Republicans gathered on the steps of the U.S. Capitol and signed the "Contract with America." They pledged to "restore accountability to Congress" and "to end its cycle of scandal and disgrace...."
I have to admit I was only 12 when the "Contract with America" was signed (and I wasn't following politics much, unless you count my SNL "Bob Dole inis '96" tee-shirt) but it had to have been as hard not to laugh at the idea as it is now.

I mean its true that the Republican's are a lots of things: they are the party of inclusion, compassionate conservatives, the representatives of wholesome American values, the party endorsed by every member of the Holy Trinity, and last but not least the only true Patriots in this hell bound country... but accountable?  Accountable to whom?  I mean that part has to be a joke right?  On how many number of issues do the republicans take the extreme minority opinion, the opinion which is not accountable to the American people?  Woman's reproductive rights, euthanasia, assault weapons, the war in Iraq....

And the "end its cycle of scandal and disgrace...." part?  

The Campaign for America's Future has two great campaigns relating to this issue.  First they are the group that alerted me to the whole anniversary with their The Broken Contract with America Campaign.   They also have some great rap sheets for our more "accountable" and scandal-less congress people at

Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be a lot of other groups focusing on this issue.  If any of you find other links on this issue add them as a comment!

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It's easy to criticize the evil GOP, while NOT doing anything yourselves to MAKE AMERICANS LIVES MORE SECURE.

What would the Dems do for these people? (taken from an article in The Nation - by a doctor)

    Mr. N. An Italian-American man in his early 50s who moved from Florida to New Haven to let his wife die up near her family in Maine. He went 250,000 dollars in debt trying to self-pay for care for his wife, who was diagnosed with cervical cancer over a year ago. He was admitted to my service with hyperkalemia (high potassium) due to using expensive medicines he could get for free from pharmaceutical donations--these were inappropriate for his kidney problems, which were caused by diabetes. He could not even afford the long-acting insulin we wanted to give him. His reply to my telling him he might die if we didn't treat his potassium was: "Doc, maybe that's for the better."

    Mr. M. A 38-year-old auto mechanic who was admitted in narcotic withdrawal. A year ago, he was the victim of a freak accident when a clutch released and a car rolled back into him. He developed back pain which subsequently caused him to seek several neurosurgical opinions, but nothing was done because he couldn't afford follow-up appointments. He became addicted to the OxyContin the doctors prescribed. Unemployed, disabled and out of money due to medical costs of imaging and doctors, he lost his home and was forced to move to a motel and file for bankruptcy. He came into the hospital when he could not afford his motel room or any more narcotics and thus started to withdraw.

    Ms. W. A 40-year-old black woman from North Carolina who came into my service with hypertensive emergency (escalating blood pressure) and heart failure. She had stopped taking any blood pressure medicines in order to save for her husband's kidney transplant. Due to her prolonged non-treatment, she developed irreversible heart damage.

They are just the extreme cases.. lack of REAL healthcare in this country is SILENTLY KILLING TENS OF THOUSANDS OF AMERICANS A YEAR.

More than 9-11 AND Iraq, combined..

What is the Democratic Party going to do about it?

Nothing? Now is your chance to make yourselves APPEAR to CARE...

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Re: does anyone have the list of promises made
yes it can be found here:
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Re: does anyone have the list of promises made
you have to click the last link in the content area to see the list... a bad use of frames and pop-ups... sigh
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