March of The Culture of Corruption

A testament to the republican culture of corruption.  I'll admit it's a bit hacky, but the point is made.

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Facebook could be a great opportunity

For a while now, Facebook has let students use notes.  It is time to use them!  All student-bloggers have to do now is link their existing blogs into facebook's import option.  

I posted this on Kos but didn't want to take the risk of missing the MyDD audience

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My initial thoughts on Chris Bower's post on National Security and Democracy

"Protecting American democracy should be the first priority of anyone seeking office. Protecting our nation comes second. America actually was founded in order to protect our democracy, rather than our nation. The civil war was fought to protect and further our democracy. There is no such thing as American identity without democracy. If, as a nation, protecting our nation has become more important than protecting our democracy, then we have lost our way as a nation both at home and abroad."
-Chris Bower

No offense to Chris Bowers but this sorta' sounds like the thesis that Peter Beinart articulated in his book, "The Good Fight: Why liberals - and only liberals - can in the War on Terror." I know, Peter Beinart isn't too popular with Kos, but this seems remarkable familiar to Beinart's book (and the politics of Truman and the famous speech Hubert Humphrey gave on behalf of Americans for Democratic Action (ADA) during the DNC convention).

Any thoughts? Why can't cold-war liberalism be re-invigorated? After all, I see cold-war liberalism as pretty different from the DLC and Third Way in many respects.

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Confessions of a (former) DLC supporter

Here is my post on Daily Kos.  I have a wonderful discussion going on in the comments. /14/134218/533

However, if you're too lazy to click the link and comment on Kos (or simply don't have an account there), I'll post the entire post on the extended entry below.


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Concerned about demonizing AIPAC

I will just make a note that I was concerned Matt Stoller's post on AIPAC.  Indeed, AIPAC has been moving to the right, but, in my humble opinion, it is only because Democrats have been letting it do that.  

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The inside scoop from the SD Democratic Convention and the implications


I posted my piece from the SD Democratic Party blog on Daily Kos today, but I gotta' say, the convention was more than just rhetoric.  I'm posting my opinion on what I saw at the convention for those interested in the condition of State Parties (in this case, South Dakota). 18545/7068

So, most of this is true. I did really enjoy myself at the convention (I'm actually a temporary staffer so I worked the convention too).  However, there was trouble in the party.  The most excitement happened during the 2nd day.   Most of the platform was rubberstamped (we had some new things moving towards the right in economics but that's to be expected) by the convention delegates.  

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