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    Dayspring, that is probably the stupidest think I've ever heard.
    PeaceNow??  PeaceNow is apart of the AIPAC federation!!! It's pretty obvious, you have no idea what you're talking about.  Laughable.
  • It's irresponsible to abandon Southern Democrats. I'm so sick and tired of people implying otherwise.   Southern Dems are more traditional okay??? Get over it and support EVERY DEMOCRAT equally.  

  • Whether or not Bush is popular in TN is not the point.  Pointing that out and clingling to it like the gospel is not a strong enough reason to believe that TN voters will happily ditch conservatism as a unacceptable ideology.  I stand with OfficeOfLife on this one.  Ford has to make sure that people don't immediately dismiss him.  

    Don't get me wrong, it's not that we shouldn't start attacking conservatism as an ideology, it's just that some states are more receptive to that than others.  TN doesn't strike me as one of those states.  

    Kodus to Ford who's running a good 'ol southern Democrat ticket, his adds reflect some soul and conviction!

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    Huh, I never thought of that. Making a third party candidate to suck away corporatists votes..... actually is some backward way, it makes sense.  In the case of third parties, I think they only get votes based on what they represent and not their personality.  Perhaps, it's not such an insane idea.

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    My personal thoughts are somewhat tempered compared to the more vigilant bloggers here, but I believe that only From should Ex-communicated.  So let me offer my two cents:

    1) Bruce Reed needs to ask for From's post on the DLC (I've heard rumors that even DLCers feel that From is getting a little long in the tooth).  

    1. The DLC needs to make it publicly known that Al From has crossed the line was removed from command.
    2. The DLC itself should stay within the Democratic Party.

    Let's try to hold back our bloodlust and zealotry and not give Republicans a chance to change the tune of the election to "Democrats purge centrists."  Keeping the DLC within the tent is not "taking the high road," but simply smart politics.

  • I gotta' ask, anyone know what Steve Jarding has been up to lately in this campaign?

  • Thank you for beating me to the punch.

  • I'm thinking along the lines of Truman Democrats.

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    What I've noticed as the big bickering point between folks like DailyKos and the DLC is not so much ideology but campaign strategy.  

    Rahm is a good example of this.  I agree, he has no strategy, but he's a tactical genius.  He raises us a ton of money (more than repugs at times) and gives the appearance  (at least) as an example of us being the big tent party.  

    So when  I hear people talking about purging him, this frustrates me so much.   Can we quit this and start concentrating our money and time on BEATING REPUBLICANS??

    jasmine has it right too.  Rahm is still working for what holds us together, a Democratic Majority.  Get on board or get off.

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    Jeez, what kind of Jew is Gellman anyway?  Orthodox? Conservative? Reform? (I can't imagine he would be Reform)

    Anyways, as a Jewish Convert, I find his words particularly offensive.....

  • Hey, thanks for encouraging words, Chris!  By the way, what site are you talking about?  THIS SITE?? (Sorry, I'm only now starting to get involved in the blogs after I decided to not renew my membership to the DLC).

  • Yeah, we tried.  Hell, I even remember when that abortion bill got passes, Howard Dean personally called Judy Duhamel (the SD Party Chair) and asked if she wanted help replacing the democrat who voted (and was a sponsor) of the abortion ban (Julie Bartling).  They ran two candidates and they both failed.  It just goes to show that this state (even the democrats here) are pro-lifers.  

    It's also funny that you mention Focus South Dakota.  I work for them as well back in Rapid City (Jody Severson, the owner).   We're trying to make good blue democrats, it's just that the rest of the electorate is not coming on board.  Who does one push a blue-democrat through a red, red state?

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    I guess I would have to agree with Stoller.  At least the Unions can keep Lieberman more in line now.  That's good for the party in general.

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    to the best of my knowledge, Matt hasn't posted a transcritpt yet.  Let's wait.  


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