• Since I know Eric personally, I can't see him winning in our state for the house seat.  The last campaign has changed him and he comes off as elitist and snobby.   Many Democratic volunters have even admitted to this character change in him.  His personality was so polarizing within the party, in fact, that he was actually pissing off party officials within the state.'

    PS: I heard a rumor that Howard Dean was not too happy with Jack Billion winning the chairmanship.  In fact, the whole whole SD State Dem Party actually resigned once he won.  These two guys (billion and Abrahamson) are just bad for the party.

  • No, not particularly.  Eric Abrahamson is prominent as his name recongnition is getting better (obviously) but is still somewhat reviled by everyday south dakotans.  He comes off as an east-coaster and thus rubs a lot of folks the wrong way.   "He's just not one of us."   In other words, he's culturally unacceptable.

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    .....word within the SD Democratic party workers' circles is that Stephanie is ready and willing to run for Johnson's seat if needed.  

    As far as who will replace her?  I don't know.

    The recent gubernatorial candidate, Jack Billion, is going to be state party chairman so rule him out (if he keeps his promises that got him to that position in the first place).

    I wouldn't be surprised to see his running mate, Eric Abrahamson, (who is known to be enjoying the taste of publicity) reject a chance to be in the limelight once more.  

    Other than those gentlemen, I'm not sure who'd run for Stephanie's spot.

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    Yeah, I'm even a big Edwards supporter and find that line of reasoning, lame too.  

  • Nice Post, Chris.  It was mature and much needed.  

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    Yeah, even Bush commented on that during the press interview!!! LoL!

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    Chris makes a good point (to his credit).  But can't help but wonder: how can we seriously make the case that our winning the house will make a difference?  

    More to the point: How can we effectively stand for something?  

    Simply pass broad visioned legislation to simply get shot down by a conservative senate or conservative president?

    I suppose I simply add more to the argument that we "have unfinished work to do in 2008" but how do we make more of a persuasive case to the independent voter to give us additional influence?  

    I suppose I'm operating on the assumption that the Republican Senate and President will deny us any legislation that speaks to our values and vision.  I think that is a fair observation though.

  • Yeah, I really wasn't to pleased with Soros when he said that either.  It seems like this potential group is already starting to peal away parts of the liberal/Democratic AIPAC factions.

  • Gimme' a break.

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    Yeah, tell me about.  Sometimes I get so annoyed by liberal elitism towards the South.  

    On another note, it just seems to me that Warner made a backroom deal for VP.  Yet, Warner has to know that he was a big contender so I'm willing to put my chips in that he's secured a VP deal with possibly up to three candidates.

    1. John Edwards

    1. Evan Bayh
    2. Hillary Clinton

    Mark's life is an extraordinary one.  He's proved his mettle for making highly beneficial deals in the private sector.  Is it really hard to imagine that he secured that many deals in politics as well?

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    I still support AIPAC.  Granted, the ZOA has way more influence now than probably necessary for AIPAC to be an effective pro-israel lobby.  It seems to me that Bush has probably only brought not only Neo-Conservative gentiles into power, but Jewish ones as well.   Certainly, Likud, has grown strong agian because of that lobby as well.  

    However, with the threat of Hamas, Hezbollah, Iraqi insurgents, and Iran, I cannot help but worry for Israel's saftey and question if a progressive/dovish pro-Israel group will be able to lobby to keep Israel and her citizens (Jewish and non-Jewish) safe.

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    While certainly I have much reprehension about dividing up pro-Israel community, it certainly cannot be denied that the Neo-Conservative tide has swept up the leadership of AIPAC.  Even if this group fails to challange AIPAC seriously, I certainly hope it scares the leadership into moderating it's policies and type of legislation it supports.  

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    That's all I have to say at this moment.

  • Well, then. I'm glad I could plug your group!! Dude, shoot me an email.  


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    Man, these last days, I've loved being a Democrat.  Sorry, I just had to vent my smugness.  :-P


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