Facebook could be a great opportunity

For a while now, Facebook has let students use notes.  It is time to use them!  All student-bloggers have to do now is link their existing blogs into facebook's import option.  

I posted this on Kos but didn't want to take the risk of missing the MyDD audience

Quite frankly, I'm posting this to find some more facebook kossacks to be "facebook friends" and help spread the word my own and everyone elses blog.  The Dailykos community has rare opportunity to create another community within facebook with the charge of informing other students(voters).

Here is the "College Kossacks" facebook group link.
http://stolaf.facebook.com/group.php?gid =2204888939

Go on there and you'll find a discussion topic called, "Notes." Click it, and you'll find me and we can start networking like crazy.

However, now that facebook has opened up to non-college students recently, there is absolutely no reason for other elder Kossacks not to help spread the truth as well.

Cheers and happy hunting,

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Re: Facebook could be a great opportunity

I'm the guy who set up College Kossacks. :)

by PsiFighter37 2006-10-04 02:36PM | 0 recs
hahah, nice!

Well, then. I'm glad I could plug your group!! Dude, shoot me an email.  


by ira13ping 2006-10-04 03:40PM | 0 recs


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