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    I'll repeat what I said when bobswern posted his diary on this same topic - as Democrats, we've all been on the same bus this whole time, just in different seats.

    The good news is, there's a lot of room here on the Obama side of the aisle. Happy to have you fighting alongside us.

    (And I'm especially pleased, I must say, that you've acknowledged that it was a "narrow defeat," because that's exactly what it was. In any other year, against any other opponent, under any other circumstances, I'd now be alongside you on the Clinton aisle, working like hell to get her in the White House and make sure there's never a President McCain. It was indeed one helluva fight, and I hope that in the final analysis, we'll all be better off for it.)

  • You know, I hate to dignify a "diary" like this with actual content, but what the hey -

    Let's say Clinton decided to run as an independent. Best case, she might be able to get on the ballot in 25-30 states, since there are many that won't allow the loser of a primary to run as an independent in the general.

    There's no way she gets to 270 electoral votes in that scenario. There's probably no way Obama gets to 270 electoral votes in that scenario. BUT...if Clinton could win a few states - let's say WV, KY and AR, where she ran strongest in the general, then McCain might not get to 270 electoral votes either.

    And what happens next, in that case? It goes to the House to decide.

    The Democratic-controlled House.

    Thanks for playing. See you in 2016!

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    It's not just you.

    Fortunately, I don't think we'll have that problem with THIS diary...

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    Yeah, yeah, be the responsible one tonight and make me feel guilty, why don't you?

    OK if I do the celebratory drinking for both of us, then?

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    Hey, sg, YOU had the chance to go and passed it up. Will you remember your homework 20 years from now? ;-)

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    I'm in tears here...

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    I wish Hillary Clinton herself could be as gracious in defeat as many of her supporters here have been. (Bobswern - whodathunkit?!?!)

    She could have gone out a hero tonight, and it ain't happening. Sad. Truly sad.

  • I haven't agreed with you much of late, but tonight I'm proud to stand shoulder to shoulder with you as this race turns the next corner and heads for the real prize in November.

    I'm not saying "welcome aboard," because we've been on the same bus all along, really...just in different seats, but going the same direction.

    Here, come take this seat next to me, brother...it's gonna be one hell of a ride for the next few months!

  • Nothing you wrote was wrong...but some flames are better left unfanned. You did the right thing. Thanks.

  • SG, you've been very good about talking down posters who've been feeding the trolls.

    I think all of us know who you're writing about, and we know who we're dealing with. This doesn't add anything we don't already know, and I, for one, would hate to see you get banned from here because of something like this.

    You're better than this. Please reconsider.


  • Or maybe isthissnark will surprise us all with a substantive diary!

  • I'm kind of looking forward to seeing what HillsMyGirl has to say about it, actually... ;-)

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    So late that my first reaction to slinkerwink's diary title was...

    "Why is Politico firing Clinton's staffers?"

    I think it's time to shut down the laptop, do one more preventative diaper change on the little guy, and see if he'll let me sleep for a few hours!

  • And ketchup potato chips. I've contemplated moving across the border just for those, sometimes.

    (The dill pickle ones, not so much.)

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    In the interest of accuracy, that last line should be "With the same GE impact as Burkina Faso."

    Just doing my part...gotta stay as factual and up-to-date as possible here, gang.


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