I know I said ignor Palin, but....

I got an idea for a commercial.

Start with a CEO walking out of a large bank/investment firm in NY, he crosses the street to a homeless man and asks him, "What do you know about my bank?"
The homeless guy says, "I can see it from my box."
The CEO, "Will you be my CFO?"

Flash forward to a Sheriff walking up to a criminal in a cell, "What do you know about the law?"
The Criminal, "I've been looking at the inside of this cell."
Sheriff, "Would you be my deputy?"

A Principal walks across the street to a weird looking guy watching the school, "What do you know about schools?"

Voice over, "Some people sure have interesting ways of picking their partners....."

Show the clip of Gibson asking Palin what she knows about Russia and her answer of being able to see it.

What do you think?

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Palin returned $1200 to Alaskans....

Palin likes to claim that as governor, she ran such a large surplus that she sent $1200 back to every Alaskan. That has bothered me.

You see, I believe that Alaska gets more federal money per citizen (about $3000?) than any other state. Those monies are a large part and/or reason for the surplus. So my question is:


Or the feds could buy more bullets, which they are gonna need with those two in charge. But if you are truly against wasteful fed spending, why wouldn't you send it back? Especially since you usually say, "Thanks, but no thanks?"

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How to Handle Possible Trolls

We seem to have a lot of diaries that want to do no more than tear our party down. How do you recognize a troll from a real person of concern (yet still a bit of a whiner)?

Its called details folks!

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For the Hillary Supporters

I was a county Chair for Edwards in 2004 and 2008. When he suspended his campaign, I wrote this. I hope by seeing the race through a devoted 3rd party member (though I will admit, once the math made clear who the nominee was, I have "encouraged" us to close ranks) might help you see the strengths and weakness of both candidates (though both got better through this process).

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How is Obama winning this thing?

I have been reading dissertations on how and why Clinton can yet win this thing. I thought I would explore how, a unexperienced and smooth talking senator with a funny name is possibly pulling this off. Senator Obama seems to have created a complicated process:

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