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    That is what he was preaching. It was the reason I didn't support him in the Caucus because I didn't think being adult and respectful would win (I am a recovering 2-time Edwards chair).

    Well, he proved me wrong. And I find his lack of pettiness refreshing.

    Joe is weakened and can't do much right now. His only hope is to try and win back the hearts of his constituents back home. His state is a very blue state and will not accept him if he is a problem for Obama.

    And for those claiming he is leveraging for Repug positions. Think:

    1. It got him nothing this time.

    1. The only way Repugs in the party would have accepted him was if he had to pay some sort of price to the Dems so he could be seen as a political victim (that option is gone).
    2. Moderate Repugs have no power in their party, why would he?

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    I don't think the state can officially endorse or recognize any religion. What is your point?

  • and if Bartman hadn't caught that ball, the Cubs would have won.

    3 word from every sore loser whom can never admit they were beat or wrong....coulda, shoulda, woulda....

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    Are you ignoring big advantage for McCain in places like Texas, AR,and other very red states.

    I had a feeling your earlier posts' positive attitude would not stand.

  • Clinton ran a lousy campaign:

    1. In Iowa, she refused to take questions at most stops and her campaign conducted itself like they were "owed" the nomination.

    2. When Obama had his first money numbers in, the Clinton campaign was slow to make the changes needed to try and elbow its way into the same fund raising area.

    3. They were slow to recognize that "Change" was more important than "Experience" this year.

    4. Internal backbiting and fights were not handled by Clinton, allowing them to fester.

    5. It wasn't until too late that she began to run an effective campaign, after she was mathematically out of it.

    6. Some of her highest campaign operatives did not seem to understand the rules that they helped set up.

    I say all of this as a personally offended 2-time Edwards County Chair.

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    Peggy Noonan LOVES her.....

  • Are you including Peggy Noonan, or other conservative talking heads?

    Palin should be an insult to truly qualified women. McCain put a pretty doll, not a qualified woman, out there to get votes. Fortunately most people see through this.

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    Sorry, misread then...

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    One poll, one day, no mention if weighting changes have taken place.

    Your evidence is less than weak.

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    Based on the word of what? A campaign guy trying to stave off a complete defeat?

    Everyone else is wrong by 10+ points? Show the poll.

    Do I smell troll?

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    Look at posting history.

    "Before you think this is another concern troll, I pulled this
    from the 538 comments from an Obama supporter"

    Wow, since an unknown poster at a website said it, it must be true!

    And tied in Iowa? Then show the poll. Its just an attempt to rally the base, who is down.

    Zogby? Great record, not. One day could be noise, or he changed some criteria for that day.

    Find your bridge and go back home, troll.

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    I bet Tom Boys love to shot Moose from helicopters!

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    Have they been running this poll for 2 months?

    This thing pops up every other day......

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    I've said the same thing...and he is the AIP guy.

    So why would McSame pick a VP who sleeps with a traitor? Will someone please ask that question to the McSame people?

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    Wow.....why is this McSame Troll allowed?


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