On the 4th We Voted, On the 5th We Celebrated,...

...on the 6th, We Went Back to Work

I realize that this diary is a bit tardy, but the point remains rather germane: only a brief victory celebration is in order. We may not be fighting conservatives, but rest assured, conservatives are already fighting us.

We may have taken time out to celebrate an outstanding triumph of progressivism over conservative ideals. It could be argued that, despite Bill Clinton's victory in a conservative era, the country has been center right since the time of Ronald Regan. The election of Barack Obama is a huge triumph for liberalism. Celebration clearly is in order.

And conservatism is in shambles. What is left of conservatism besides anger, fear, and hatred? Name one virtuous position (something, say, Jesus Christ or Ghandi or Buddha would agree with that) conservatism stands for? Yet beneath the surface of a sullen and defeated conservative movement, the roots are very much still alive, already fighting us. It could be argued they started preparing even before the election.

Make no mistake. This is no time to rest.

Barack Obama now has the difficult job of playing offense and defense at the same time. Enemies from outside the party will do whatever it takes to sabotage Barack Obama. And lest we not forget the handful of vengeful deadenders from within.

The best example of this was the use of Proposition 8 as a wedge issue by deadenders (link to the asylum and effluent omitted). On the morning after, the meme went out that African Americans voting against Proposition 8 secured its defeat, helped by a recklessly inaccurate exit poll article by CNN and mirrored in Murdoch owned publications around the world. It's a perfect wedge issue. Barack Obama's victory was based in part on the enthusiasm and block voting of the African American Community. Barack Obama during the beginning of the campaign had difficulty winning over the gay community. If you turn the gay community and the African American community against one another, what better way to weaken the party and split gay support away from Barack Obama, even though he explicitly called for rejection of Proposition 8. Never mind that even if true, there would be no logical connection between Barack Obama and the outcome.

This is not a call for purity of beliefs. Rather, this is just one example of how the enemies of progressivism barely waited for the polls to close and for Oprah's tears to dry before they got back to work.

Talk radio responded to the win by doubling down on the racism, anger, and outright lies. Radio host Mark Larsen of Tampa, Florida's WWBA 820AM did his morning show in blackface (stay classy, Mark, and a H/T to my former hometown). Boston radio weasel Jimmy Severino (n/k/a Jay Severin. You can't hate immigrants with a name like Jimmy Severino) wails about Obama's plan to create his own personal civilian police force answerable only to him and with the same power at the military. The conspiracy theory is rooted in actual Obama words, although his meaning was misinterpreted. At least it the wingnut fringe forfeited the argument through Godwin's Law.

Learn the lessons of the past 40 years, and don't let lies travel halfway around the world before the truth can catch up with them. Barack Obama will need all the help he can get implementing a progressive agenda.

It's understandable that some people would vote for John McCain. Even if he supported a party and a President who squandered a surplus, bankrupted our nation, invaded a country for no reason and then lied about it, vacationed while a major city drowned, condoned torture and rendition, and opposed the Constitution they swore to protect and uphold. Oh wait, he did. And I'm not talking about these people:

Over 58 million people found a reason to vote for John McCain this election (John McCain would still lose 53.4% to 46.6%, a 6.8% point spread). Barack Obama could not have done a better job during the campagin, and John McCain could not have done worse. And yet the margin was 6.8%. Yes, that's 8,336,440 votes, but that's only 8,336,440 votes. And let's not forget the 62 million people who gave George Bush a second chance. The point is: the lures of conservatism are still strong. The country truly resides somewhere between George Bush and Barack Obama. A lot rides on the effectiveness of Barack Obama to move the country to the left (while solving every other problem George Bush left behind).

So again, back to work.

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