About Gerrymandering: Good Politics Is Good Policy

Gerrymandering has shaped American politics since February 11, 1812, when the Massachusetts legislature enacted a law to redistrict the state. A bill was proposed, and passed, by the majority Democratic Party over the vehement protests of the minority Federalists. In the following election, the Federalists garnered over 1,000 more votes than the Democrats, an outcome that resulted in sending 29 Democrats and 11 Federalists to the state senate.

Hence, the Democrats seized more than two thirds of the state senate but received fewer votes than the Federalists. In response to these events, The Boston Gazette, invented the term "gerrymander" after Elbridge Gerry, the Democratic governor, and the salamander, which the most convoluted district supposedly resembled. The politics of gerrymandering only grew in absurdity.

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National Socialism With A Human Face

It is abundantly clear that today's Republican Party is no longer an advocate of conservative principals.  Sadly, Republicans are an unholy trinity of corporatism, religious fanaticism, and National Socialism.  This unholy trinity solidified into an iron triangle under President Bush. Apparently, the iron triangle is disintegrating. The Dubai port controversy illustrates that a conservative crack up is in full swing while America is in the nascent throes of nationalism.  

Republican corporatists favored DP World, a company owned by the Dubai government taking over some American terminal operations.  In fairness, numerous national security experts did not object to this transaction either.  However, the Christian Right is filled with hatred for Islam and Bush has stoked the flames of nationalism for five years.  Consequently, congressional Republicans rebelled against the Bush Administration and joined the Democrats in thwarting it.  

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Gay Rights Are Human Rights

My favorite newspaper is The Onion because their satire typically nails truth's core in a manner the "respectable" media simply can't. My favorite article from them was a couple years ago about a husband and wife in Montana that divorced because they felt "threatened" by gay marriage. In their inimitable manner, The Onion illustrated just how asinine the debate over gay marriage truly is. The notion that one can feel "threatened" by gay marriage or equal protection under the law for an entire community is utterly moronic.

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