MI Gov: Granholm-DeVos Debate Tonight

It's a big day in Michigan politics, because tonight Gov. Granholm goes toe to toe, head to disembodied head with Scamway scion Dick DeVos, for the first of several meetings.

As I noted in my diary about this last week, the man claims to be quite a debater, but if you've seen his cringe-inducing  "video blogs" on YouTube, you know otherwise. One imagines he's probably prepared pretty well for this, but our J. Grho still remembers a thing or two from her Hollywood days. It never pays to be overconfident, but it should still be a great show.

It should be about an hour long, so pop some pocorn and cozy up with your laptop -- because the Disembodied Head himself has a challenge for you... If you're not local, you can catch the debate (on tape, alas, not live) on CSPAN tonight, starting at 10pm.

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Re: MI Gov: Granholm-DeVos Debate Tonight

Thanks for the heads up! I don't know why there isn't more emphasis on the debate schedule. We talk about the races for months but for some reason the debates are all but ignored.

Right now I'm watching a live debate on CSPAN in the Iowa gov race, and I'll look forward to the Granholm debate on tape later tonight.

by jagakid 2006-10-02 04:06PM | 0 recs
Re: MI Gov: Granholm-DeVos Debate Tonight

I watched the debate on C-Span. Here are a few thoughts from an out of state viewer who is no expert on MI issues.

- DeVos looked robotic and stared straight into the camera. I don't know why advisors tell candidates to look at the camera - it robs them of any feedback from a listenter (the questioner) and  only the very best speakers can overcome that. Granholm is good on her feet and engaged the questioners much better and looked relaxed and knowledgeable and had a lot more emphasis on her big points.

- DeVos appeared to do a decent job of glossing over his rabid support of outsourcing jobs and Granholm didn't pin him down on it all that well. I'm not sure what the Granholm media campaign looks like so maybe she is addressing it on that front.

- the economy in Michigan obviously sucks. That's not Granholms fault but she needs to provide some hopeful examples. Does she ever mention Pittsburgh and the communities in PA steel industry? They're thriving after some smart planning and new economy job growth. Michigan can enjoy the same kind of rebirth from a downsized auto industry but I didn't hear that kind of optimism from either candidate

- there was some kind of stock issue about DeVos owning millions of shares in a nursing home company that had sexually abused Alzheimers patients. Granholm brought that up and it's kind of a marginal issue but I guess sometimes you have to come up with a shorthand way of calling your opponent a dirty bastard. Mission Accomplished.

- Granholm had tons of specifics, moved nimbly from one issue to another, and was comfortable. DeVos didn't make any gaffes and was kind of robotic but that's not necessarily a bad thing. I think he's trying to hide just how much of a rightwing nut he really is so being vanilla and boring is actually a plus.

- I'm not sure if this is good politics or not but it was refreshing to hear Granholm talk about the role of the legislature and courts in an intelligent way. DeVos had some BS response that the Governor should take responsibility and lead but on issues like displaying the Ten Commandments its up to the courts. You carry out the court guidance. If you 'lead' you end up like Judge Roy Moore. Do average voters like a little civics mixed in with they politics? I hope so.

- I think Granholm was the clear winner but DeVos made no gaffes.

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Re: MI Gov: Granholm-DeVos Debate Tonight

No time to blog it at DebateScoop coming on the heels of the IA-Gov debate we covered tonight, but it was interesting that there were officially "no rules".

Granholm CRUSHED Devos in my opinion, in that she took full advantage of the format, dominated the time, and demonstrated expertise.

Devos said "leadership" over and over again. She said "lobbyist" over and over again in response. She really did cast him as a corporate guy who cannot be trusted to take care of the average Jill and Joe.

I "liveblogged" it to myself, but do not know that I'll have time to write it up.

If someone wants to do a diary there, please go for it!

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Re: MI Gov: Granholm-DeVos Debate Tonight

Wow, I loved the format and the questioners. Such a contrast from the Iowa debate where the answers were cut off due to time limits and the questioners much less mature and aggressive.

That was my first extended look at DeVos. He is odd. Uncomfortable to watch him while he is speaking. Herky jerky with his movements and no flow at all. It's almost like an actor playing a role, in fact overplaying a role. I kept thinking that if he were a stranger I encountered and he was talking like that I would be scrambling for an excuse to get out of there.

She put him on the defensive several times, especially regarding the cut of jobs from 5300 to 3900 when he was CEO.

I don't know the full range of local issues and I realize the economy and state right track/wrong track numbers are poor, but Granholm is so superior in terms of personality and likability I'll be surprised if Michiganders choose DeVos.

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Free Press Proclaims: Advantage: Granholm!

The Detroit Free Press concluded that Gov. Granholm won last night's debate with her specifics.

Granholm knows her stuff. I thought DeVos actually might talk about specific plans he had to improve the economy but no such luck. Just the same old fluff talking about bringing "results." No substance whatsoever!

The reason DeVos looks so uncomfortable on camera is because he's pretending to be someone else. He is doing what he can to portray himself as a moderate but his positions on stem cell research, intelligent design and abortion are as right wing as they come. The truth is this man will be looking out for the rich and special interest groups while leaving everyone else behind.  


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Ross Perot?

Less whiny, on the opposite side of trade issue, but otherwise, DeVos is just a guy trying to say he can lead because he was successful in business. The burden of proof is on him to show he understands governing and working through the political process as opposed to simply claiming he is a success.

He failed badly last night.

by demondeac 2006-10-03 06:44AM | 0 recs
Re: Ross Perot?

DeVos knows the political process. He is well versed in lobbying the federal government in favor of unfair trade practices. :)

by BlueCheese 2006-10-03 07:10AM | 0 recs


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