• I absolutely agree with you.

    I think that too many liberal critics forget that while America did do things wrong, the wrongdoings have been also been replicated by almost every other human civilization out there. Throughout history, whenever one group has dealt with another on an unequal basis, the end result has almost always been conquest and genocide. Compared to that sordid history, America's record - while not perfect - stands out as a lot better than others out there.

  • You're absolutely right; I completely forgot about Native Americans when writing this post.

    It is wrong that today Native Americans are almost completely forgotten in mainstream American politics, still living in terrible conditions. I guess too many people like me neglect to pay attention to them.

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    It's that it's very interesting to look at Hitler as a normal politician instead of the villain everybody sees him as today. It offers an interesting, different perspective.

    Everybody knows about Hitler the yelling maniac. But I bet an awful lot of people find it really weird to think of Hitler the leader of the National Socialist Party trying to make a deal with the Centre Party to cement his control.

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    Nevertheless you still see this trend - although weaker - in the 1996 comparison map, in which Perot is much less of a factor.

    2000 and 2004 have too much blue in them, and the NYT doesn't have 1998 unfortunately

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    I've given up. I might try again later - but for now I guess just go to my blog to find the pictures of this analysis. Sorry about that.
  • I found this discussion quite fascinating; didn't know so many people would comment on my post.

    Anyways, some responses:

    Teabaggers never entered my mind while typing.

    A lot of people pointed out that white Southerners really are racists.

    Yeah, they are. But calling them names isn't going to magically change them into non-racists. If my friend John's behaving like an asshole, and I yell out that he's an f*ing asshole - is John gonna stop being an asshole? Or is he going to punch me in the face?

    Too often the only thing we liberals do is encourage John to punch us in the face.

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    My last post on this topic:

    Well...I do think college graduates are a driven, hardworking group of people. Otherwise they wouldn't have graduated from college.

    I don't see anything wrong with that assumption.

    This nation needs more college graduates, just like we need more hardworking, driven immigrants.

    Anyways, my original responses were made in the hope of convincing you guys that immigrants help, not hurt, the United States (instead of starting an argument, which is usually what happens).

    I now see that was probably impossible.

    Anyways - Orestes, from reading your posts, you appear a very smart, intellectual person. I hope, in the future, you try to understand the viewpoint of an immigration advocate. There's a good argument to be made for it.

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    You're right that some immigrants may be conflicted between their native country and their adopted country. That's quite natural. If you immigrated to Britain, would you still hold American patriotism? I certainly would.

    Fortunately, it's not the immigrants who matter - it's the children. And the children of immigrants have always assimilated very well into America. If that wasn't true, the concept of an "American" would not exist. Your ancestors were probably immigrants who may not have been completely loyal to the U.S. (unless you're Native American) - and, by golly, you're probably a patriotic American, just as I am.

    You also talk about work ethic. I assume by this you're referring to Hispanic immigrants (correct me if I'm wrong).

    I think many Hispanic immigrants have the best work ethic in this country. Think of the work they're forced to do. California's Central Valley depends on Hispanic laborers picking fruits in 100+ temperatures, working 12-hour days, and being paid minimum wage (or less.) Yet Hispanics voluntarily do this work - just to get a better life. Are you willing to do this type of work? If you are, then congratulations - you have the same work ethnic as these Hispanic immigrants. As for myself, I certainly couldn't do the work; in that respect, I'm certainly less hard-working than these immigrants.

    And if you're talking about Asian immigrants, well - for all the negative stereotypes of Asians, lazy is not one of them.

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    We do admit a significant number of immigrants each year, and we've been very effective at assimilating them - their contribution is part of the reason the U.S. became the world's superpower.

    In response to your question - some immigrants may be less educated, some may be more educated. But, by definition, all of them are extremely ambitious, motivated, hard-working people because they're willing to travel hundreds/thousands of miles away from home, to a place with a very different culture that often doesn't accept them, just to do better in life. How many of us are motivated enough to do that?


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