Obama vs. Hillary race closer than you might think

There's a lot of hoo-hah being written about Obama's momentum and the state of the race for the nomination between Hillary and Obama.  

I think it's really closer than most people realize and that Texas and Ohio might really tell the tale for Obama.

Analysis below the fold.

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Not to MyDD staff re Delegate Trackers

Don't know another way to get this where someone will be sure to see it.  I think the delegate trackers on the right-hand side have their numbers reversed between the one that counts MI and FL and the one that doesn't.

That is all.

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Mandatory insurance

I really don't get why some people get their knickers in a twist about "mandatory" insurance.   At least here in California, we have mandatory auto insurance.   You want to register your car, you have to show proof of insurance.  No big deal and by doing so, it lowers the costs for everyone.

By making the insurance pool as large as possible, costs should be reduced.

And that brings up my other gripe about attacks on "Hillarycare":   that's it's "government" insurance.   Actually, all the insurance is still through private carriers.  For me, a selling point is that the plan currently available to Members of Congress would become available to everyone...boy, would I want to look at the cost-benefit analysis of that.   Attacks on "madatory insurance" or "government health plan" are red herrings.

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Consequence of McCain nomination: Lieberman (R)

No extended diary but my subconscious has been processing politics while I sleep and when I woke up this morning the thought was in my head that if McCain gets the nomination, Joe Lieberman (D-Likud) will take the opportunity to cross the aisle.

There is no doubt in my mind that if the Democratic nominee is either Hillary or Obama, Lieberman will campaign with McCain.   If he doesn't jump on his own accord, I'd be happy to give him an assist with a collective Democratic Senatorial boot to the rump.

Tactically, I've been of the camp that's found it pragmatic to tolerate McCain to preserve the Democratic in-name majority but his campaigning for McCain would be the excuse to drop the charade and the PR and tactical damage, with only a few months left, would be minimal.   (Lieberman never had more power than on the day after the 2006 elections and that leverage has dwindled with every passing day.)

A bit more after the jump.

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Obama phone banking targeting young voters

We're the kind of Southern California household that gets Democratic call from phone banking.   We've gotten four calls in the last week or so, all from Obama's operation, calling for our daughter, who is 21 and attending college in Massachusetts.   No calls for us.

I finally told them that all three of us were voting for Hillary.

But I think it's interesting that they're not doing conventional canvassing but focusing on the youth vote demographic which they know breaks heavily for them.

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A vent about some Obama supporters

Short and sour:  there are many Obama supporters to whom this does not apply but, jeez Louise, other than Ron Paul, I don't know as any other candidate, of either party, who has as many supporters who nearly deify their candidate on one hand and think that his or her excrement isn't excessively aromatic on the other.  Most people, supporting most candidates, can discuss pros and cons with some degree of objectivity.  

I detest "movement" politics and Obamas folks are reminding me why.  The combination of beatifying their candidate while demonizing their chief competitor is nauseating.  

And, qualitatively, the messianic passion reminds me of nothing so much as the McGovern campaign, 1972.

That is all.

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South Carolina: bad news for every candidate

I just took the time to look at updated results after watching an episode of West Wing.

Here are my thoughts, with various degrees of seriousness, about how the South Carolina results are bad for everyone.

More below the fold.

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Clinton receives AA endorsements in South Carolina

Senator Hillary Clinton received the endorsement of two prominent African American women in South Carolina today.  I'm glad to see it and glad to see herself campaigning in predominantly African American settings.  

Prominent quote from the AP article:

<blockquote>Stacey Jones, a Benedict College Dean who described herself as "a woman, an African American, a size 9 wide and any other label you choose to use," said she understood why many blacks might pause before voting Saturday for Clinton.

"For some of us it may take a very, very bold step to walk into that voting booth and focus on our community's future rather than acting on pure emotion. Let's do the right thing and elect Sen. Hillary Clinton president of the United States," she said to applause.

She was followed by Richland County Councilwoman Bernice Scott, who bluntly told the audience "this race is not about race or gender."

Scott said the decision should come down to which candidate can "feed the sheep."

"Senator Clinton has a record that can feed everybody. And we need to be fed," she said.</blockquote>

http://ap.google.com/article/ALeqM5g-qGL Ds-gAnZiUXD2NU51ry3j3dwD8UD2OJG0

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Lobbyists vs. People

Hillary Clinton has provoked much derision in some quarters with her statement that "lobbyists are people too."  I perhaps might not have put it quite that way, but she has a point.

Lobbyist are people who work on behalf of various causes, trying to engineer legislation for that cause or causes and to obtain votes for that legislation.

The lobbyists Big Pharma, Big Oil, Big Tobacco, the National Rifle Association, and the various so-called Right to Life groups can promptly go to hell, do not pass Go, do not pay $200 as far as I'm concerned.  Continued below the fold....

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I was polled by Rassmussen

Okay, this is a minnow of a diary, but I was polled by Rassmussen tonight with their automated telephone poll.  (If this diary is a dupe, my apologies...I thought I'd hit "Submit" on the previous attempt but apparently I didn't.)

Started out with Approval/Disapproval questions for Bush and Hillary.

Then choices on several match-ups, Hillary vs. Thompson/Giuliani/Romney/McCain...but I don't recall Huckabee.

Then some Favorable/Unfavorable questions about Ahnold and Fabian Nunez, leader of the State Assembly who's been nailed in the press for some over the top expenditures from campaign contributions, e.g., attending conferences at French wineries, etc.

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